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Victor Anderson: The Trainer Helping People on Their Fitness Journey

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Victor Anderson lifting weights

Athletics teach us many lessons. It teaches us how to persevere through tough times, work with others, and accomplish goals if we stay consistent. Personal trainer Victor Anderson uses his experience as a lifelong athlete to help and encourage those on their fitness journey. 

Born and raised in Middletown, CT, Victor Anderson is a personal trainer, actor, and model residing in Los Angeles, CA. Victor grew up heavily invested in sports and played Division 1 basketball at Central Connecticut State University. He has been featured as a model for Fabletics, landed a Nike commercial with Lebron James and Kevin Durant, and more. 

Victor took the time to share more about his life as a personal trainer, his passion for sports, and how that pushes him to be the best version of himself while helping others become great as they’re starting their fitness journey. 

Victor’s Journey as An Athlete and Trainer

BE: You’ve been a lifelong athlete, playing sports since you were young, from what I’ve read. So who encouraged you to start playing? 

Victor: Growing up in the projects, your options are very limited. I was always athletic, but I was a knucklehead growing up. I kept getting into trouble in school, with my mom, and I wasn’t going in the right direction. Basketball was my outlet. I grew up idolizing Kobe Bryant and the Lakers and honestly just wanted to be like him. In my project, I used basketball as my tool to escape issues at home and keep myself level-headed. Life encouraged me to do better, so basketball saved my life.

BE: After stepping away from basketball, what led you to continue work in athletics as a personal trainer? What inspired you to keep going?

Victor: After basketball, I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew I needed to stay around the game and athletics to keep my mind at ease because I stopped playing basketball due to the back surgery I had to get. I majored in criminology in college and wanted to join the FBI. After realizing I didn’t want to join the government, I pursued a lifelong dream, moving to Los Angeles. Living in Los Angeles is inspiring every day. I decided that I needed to do work that was meaningful to me and made me truly happy. That was fitness training for me and athletics. I wanted to help people feel good every day and achieve goals they didn’t even know they could achieve. I knew I could help excel someone deeper than they ever thought they could with my basketball leadership background. So the inspiration comes from my passion for working hard and staying active and healthy every day.

BE: What was something that you’ve learned or motivated you throughout your injury that you use to encourage your clients during their fitness journey?

Victor: I tell all of my clients that there’s no gain without pain. We have to hurt to grow. Fitness and mental health go hand in hand. I use fitness as a life tool for my clients. You never know how much doubt can set a person back; doubt comes from the mind. When I had back surgery, I had doctors and nurses telling me I would never be athletic again, and I’d never dunk a basketball again…I proved them all wrong. I made it a point that I had control over my mind, and I knew that the results would be there if I put the work in. Mind over matter! I book many athletic jobs now, I never got to play pro basketball, but I have gotten paid very well to do athletic roles for commercials and print work. Impossible is nothing, and that’s that. 

How Training Has Helped Victor

BE: How has being a trainer helped you grow, not just physically but emotionally and mentally, too? 

Victor: Being a trainer has helped me grow so much. It gives me true happiness to wake up early every day and know my job is to help people feel their absolute best. Since I was a kid, I have always been on a routine playing basketball and going to practice every day; I’m used to structure and fitness in the system. I have to game plan and act quickly in case some clients advance faster than others. I have to pay attention to details and notice when something is getting easier for someone and when to amp up routines. It keeps me sharp, focused, and reliable.

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BE: You’ve dedicated your life to being a coach to others, holding them accountable, and pushing them when it’s challenging. Who is your coach? Who motivates and inspires you to keep going? 

Victor: My daughter London is my motivation. She’s my world, my heart, my everything. Knowing I have her keeps me motivated to be the best I can be every day because I have to. I want to show her that daddy works hard and has a significant job keeping other people happy and on top of their health game. I wouldn’t say I have a coach, but I have people in my life that mean the world to me, and they keep me going; I never want to disappoint them. My beautiful girlfriend, Haley,  inspires me and encourages me every single day. She has been my strongest support and anchor. I am very thankful for her and giving me pure joy and happiness every day to be my best and believe I’m the best.    

BE: As a triple threat, how would you like to connect with more people in your community, whether through training, acting, or modeling? 

Victor: I think connecting with the community is very important. I think life in general, when more people come together and talk to each other, builds stronger relationships, trust, and togetherness. So sharing my story on these platforms is super important because the world we live in is very digital, and people can read up on stories and what’s happening in the local community. I would love to host more open group fitness classes and bring kids together with parents to make something beautiful happen, but covid options have been so limited. I believe in time, things will be better, and I’ll be able to make things happen. Until then, I’ll continue to do my part and help anyone who seeks it.

The Reward of Helping People On Their Fitness Journey

BE: What has been the most rewarding part of helping people on their fitness journey? What has it taught you?

Victor: The most rewarding part of helping people on their fitness journey is showing them what can happen with just a little hard work, self-discipline, and consistency. I know what I could do. I know my workouts and meal plans will get you in shape and looking good. But making someone a believer in my vision and buying into my way is the most rewarding thing ever. It teaches me that I have a gift and I need to use it. I’ve learned I am talented in many ways other than just fitness, but the mental part of helping someone who wants to quit or give up to stay strong and believe in themselves. Helping people is something I’ve always done. The reward is seeing them happy and the best versions of themselves.

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BE: You help many people during this journey, but how has being a trainer helped you in your journey? 

Victor: Being a trainer has helped me in my journey so much. Doing something I have always done for a living is everything. Being my boss is everything, making my schedule is everything, knowing my job doesn’t feel like a job makes me happy. I tell all of my clients to chase happiness if they chase anything. Do feel good things every day, create your joy and make inner peace your priority.


BE: What are some of the goals that you’re looking to accomplish? How do you want to elevate and grow? 

Victor: Some of my goals include helping businesses with health & exercise tips. Bring the importance of fitness to the workplace and help employees and bosses decompress using fitness and healthy eating as a tool. I would love to consult and give other trainers, CFOs, CEOS, and giant corporations advice. Growth is essential. The online market and being able to reach people around the nation and help them would be big. 

BE: For those who want to connect with you, what’s the best way?

Victor: You can reach me through email trainwithvic24@gmail.comand or Instagram @TrainWithVic24.