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WATCH: Memory Loss in African Americans

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African American man with memory loss looking out of a window

Juresha Alemayehu grew up in a household with a vibrant mother. She fondly recalls how her educator mother loved music and making sure her kids used proper English. Her mother, Julia Maples, still loves music. In fact, she was the first one to get up and join African Soul International when they performed at Silverado, a memory care facility in Los Angeles. 

Julia Maples is one of the more than five million Americans suffering from some form of memory loss. And according to recent research, Blacks in America are especially at a higher risk for memory loss diseases. 

In our latest short documentary, we speak with Juresha and other family members who are now faced with caring for family members who suffer from memory loss. And not all of these family members are elderly. 

Watch the short doc below.