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WATCH: Trevor Noah wants you to register as a Republican. Here is why.

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The comedic brilliance of Trevor Noah is a gift that keeps on giving, especially in these crazy times. This time, on the very serious issue of voter suppression in Georgia. 

Accusations of voter suppression have popped up in two cases in Georgia. In the first case, 53,000 voter registrations were being put on hold only few weeks away from the midterm elections. The reason? The registrations failed an “exact match” process that compares registration information to social security and state driver records. In a state that is about 30% black, 70% of the people affected by this issue are black. 

In the second case, a group of black senior citizens en route to vote early were stopped and ordered off the bus by Jefferson County officials. 

And guess who is in charge of the election process in Georgia? None other than Republican candidate for Governor Brian Kemp.

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Not to worry, though. Trevor Noah has the perfect solution to this problem. Watch the video below, all the way until the end, to see why he would like all black voters to register as Republicans. Along the way, he hilariously points out the infuriating reality that black voters have lived with for decades and decades.