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Wellness Champs: These 3 Black Women Help You Live Better

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Beautiful Black women taking in the sunshine, wearing yellow with natural hair and eyes closed

There are people who have the gift of helping people through their words and talents. These women are dedicating their lives to walking in truth and helping others all the while dropping gems for others along the way.

Taylor Gordon

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Meet Taylor Gordon. Gordon is a holistic health coach residing in Riverside County. The entrepreneur specializes in assisting women who are contending with chronic illness. In this role, Gordon provides them with tools to preserve their wellness.

One of Gordon’s specialties as a health coach, which she is most known for, is helping people become more aware of their decisions when it comes to food. Our food choices play a big role in how our bodies feel and tend to be a reflection of how we are living our lives.

Gordon has been able to use her personal experiences to drive her passion for helping people live healthier lives. This desire has led her to create “wellness workshops” for people who want to learn more about the steps they can take to gain back their strength.  Her most recent workshop titled Nutrition vs. Nourishment, specifically targeted chronic illness and allowed her to share her story and the proactive thinking she has adopted that has helped her live the best life possible.

To learn more about Gordon or if you’re interested in seeking coaching, visit her Divinely Wholesome Instagram account.


Shanicia Boswell

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Shanicia Boswell is the founder and creator of Black Moms Blog.  Boswell is an entrepreneur, blogger, and overall, a rockstar who is connecting with others through the platform she’s created.

Black Moms Blog was created because Boswell noticed there wasn’t a platform for black mothers to connect and share their experiences, both the good and the challenging ones as well. Not only is this blog geared towards allowing mothers to talk with one another in a safe place, but to also highlight black mothers who have businesses.

Boswell has been featured on HuffPost, Live Naturally Magazine and Medium. Most recently, she appeared on CNN’s Weekend Express, hosted by Susan Hendricks.

There is no intention of Boswell slowing down. She continues to help others and is showing the world her beautiful talents. To learn more about Boswell and for other updates, follow her on Instagram and Facebook. For any other inquiries or if you’d like to submit to her blog, visit her website.

Raveen Johnson

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Raveen Johnson, born and raised in Houston, is a writer. The mission behind her writing is to inspire others while encouraging them to practice healthy inner dialogue.

Johnson is dedicated to helping others through journaling, meditation, love and grace. The positivity guru’s instagram is full of uplifting content, including her popular quotes that she has curated herself.

Johnson has created #PositiveSelfTalk, a series of journaling workshops that focus on the importance of self-care, mental health and embracing vulnerability. In these workshops,  Johnson reminds us that it’s perfectly normal to feel those challenging emotions and that we’re all on a journey to finding healing and understanding.

To learn more about Johnson, visit her Instagram and stay alert for future workshops.