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Who is Cori Brodus? From Childhood to Now

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Snoop Dogs only Daughter Cori Brodus smiling at event

Cori Brodus is the only daughter of infamous rapper Snoop Dogg and wife Shante Brodus. She is a talented singer in her own right and CEO of her own company, Choc Factory, which specializes in custom apparel and beauty products.

Cori was also featured on Snoop Dogg’s “No Guns Allowed” from his 2015 album Reincarnated, which was released under Snoop’s pseudonym Snoop Lion.

Cori Brodus Early Childhood

Cori Brodus, also known as Choc was born in California on June 22, 1999 and is the only daughter and the  youngest child of famous rapper Snoop Dogg and wife Shante Brodus. She grew up with two older brothers Crode and Cordell and a half-brother Julian. The world got a glimpse of Cori as a young child when she and the family first appeared on their E! reality TV show, Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood.

Cori attended and graduated from Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts.

Cori Brodus Lupus Diagnosis

When Cori was six years old, her parents noticed a light spot on her face. She then lost her hair and became thin rapidly. Cori was soon diagnosed with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. She was put on medication immediately. 

When Cori was diagnosed with Lupus, her parents were separated due to some marital issues they were experiencing for a long time. Snoop filed for divorce in 2004 citing irreconcilable differences. However, they decided to stay together for their daughter’s sake. Snoop told People Magazine what it was like finding out Cori’s diagnosis, “Shante and I Cried 1,000 times.” He added, “That’s what it boiled down to Cori’s lupus showed us we need to be together forever.”

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Snoop’s wife Shante also said, “Without (Snoop), I don’t know what I’d have done. It’s amazing how this all turned out. We were gonna get a divorce. But we wouldn’t have gotten through it (The lupus diagnosis) that way.”

Snoop dogg with daughter Cori Brodus wearing a black  tuxedo

Corey told Teen Vogue about dealing with her early diagnosis, “I really didn’t even know what was happening to me. I just felt sick. I felt tired…I was looking at my brothers, I was looking at my family members. I’m like, why am I the only one that looks like this? Why am I the only one that feels like this?…Being sick, in general, is a lot, But as a kid, you don’t even know what’s going on. You’re just taking it day by day.”

Lupus disproportionately affects women and especially women of color.

Cori Brodus Singing Career

Cori has had a natural talent for signing from a young age. She received her initial music lessons at church choirs and in school. Eventually, Cori received professional guidance from her father and decided to make a career in the field of music.

In August 2011, Cori Brodus made her debut in the music world with the release of the single “Do My Thang.” Shortly after, she dropped her second single, “SMH.” The subsequent year saw the release of her single “Daddy’s Girl,” which featured her father, Snoop Dogg. Additionally, Cori made an appearance in Snoop’s documentary, “Reincarnated.”

In 2013, Cori was featured in Snoop Dogg’s track “No Guns Allowed.” The track was from the album ‘Reincarnated’ that was released under her father’s second pseudonym, “Snoop Lion.” This anti-violence song also featured singer Drake.

Cori released the singles “Outside” and “Sittin’ In My Room” in 2016. Those were followed in 2018 with the single “Same” under the pseudonym “CHOC.” With this track, she revived old-school RnB vibes and delivered a positive message for women. That same year, Cori released the single “New Phone, Who Dis?,” featuring singer Kamaiyah.

Brodus has a YouTube channel titled “Cori B.”

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Cori Brodus Relationship with Fiancé Wayne Duece

Cori Brodus and Wayne Duece have been dating since 2018. They met at a party where Cori introduced herself to Wayne first. They exchanged social media information and slowly grew their friendship.

The couple live together, has two dogs, and run a business together. According to his Instagram page, Wayne is a Creative Director, often working as both a stylist and a photographer.

On Cori Brodus’s 23rd birthday,  Wayne Duece took to Instagram to pen a touching tribute in honor of her special day. He wrote, “I love waking up to you everyday, and you being my best friend, you being my dog baby mama, my business partner, and my soulmate…

Cori and Wayne are now engaged!

Cori told Teen Vogue that things were rough for the couple in the days leading up to their engagement and she was caught off guard when Wayne got down on one knee to pop the question. “I was super out of it, wasn’t feeling well, wasn’t feeling beautiful. [The proposal] meant a lot to me, because it was like…The fact that you still even want to be with me for the rest of your life, knowing all the things that I go through. We was getting into it really, really bad, those few days before he proposed, because I was in a space and a a place where I was just over life. I was over everything. And I was taking it out on him. So, I’m like, ‘Damn. You’re getting down on one knee, and I’m putting you through all this mentally’…I have moments where I don’t love myself… It means everything to me that somebody wants to be with me forever.”  

However, the couple has been subjected to online hate from social media trolls who question the authenticity of their relationship, suggesting that Wayne is only with Cori because of Snoop’s  fame and fortune.

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Cori responded to the hateful comments by sharing her thoughts on her Instagram story. She expressed her disappointment with the negative behavior of the trolls, labeling them as miserable and hateful. She also emphasized the impact of their hurtful words and called out hate as a sickness. Furthermore, Cori challenged the assumption that Wayne is only with her because of her father’s fame, stressing that she is an individual who deserves to be loved for who she is.

Cori recently posted photos from their engagement shoot to her IG page. The couple is expecting to have their wedding in California in 2023.

Cori Brodus Responses on Instagram to the haters

Cori has taken to social media to respond to the hate she receives on several occasions. These are just a couple of examples:

“Y’all are so miserable and it’s so sad🥺 It’s so hard not to let ppl comments get to you cause you know deep down they struggling but I’m still human and words hurt,” wrote Cori in an Instagram Story. “How do y’all have time to sit on someone page and just talk sh*t it never made sense to me. But if they see you in person it’s another story. So so hateful I’m praying ’cause that’s a sickness [for real].”

“Y’all love saying a n***a must like me cause my daddy Snoop Dogg, like why can’t he just love me for me,” continued Cori in another slide. “It’s deeper than just being his daughter I’m my own person I’m more then [sic] that & I hate that I feel like I gotta go on here & do all this but I been dealing with this sh*t since high school it’s frustrating as f*ck, to have to question if that’s the case. I hate it here y’all f*ckn suck.”

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Cori Brodus Mental Health Struggles

The hate that Cori has received also disregards her struggles with mental health. In May 2021, she revealed that she had attempted suicide and struggled with mental health challenges and suicidal thoughts. She attributes this mental health struggle to her early lupus diagnosis and bullying she faced since a young age due to colorism.

Cori took to IG live to discuss her struggles. She said, “It was just so many ‘why, why, whys.’ I hated everything about me. And to this day, there’s a couple things that I have… so just because you have money, just because you’re able to do certain things that people can’t do it doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart, you don’t have a mind, you don’t have a soul.”

Cori continued, “I go through it just like everybody else. And I try to be as transparent and as open as possible because I know there’s people out there that go through stuff, maybe worse. But you can’t make me feel like how I feel is not important or it don’t matter because my dad is rich and because I have this and that… that sh*t don’t mean nothing to me.”

Cori’s transparency and openness about her experiences with mental health challenges highlight the importance of mental health awareness and the need for support, love, and care for those who struggle with mental health issues.