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Why BLM Wants You to Boycott 24hr Fitness



Black Lives Matter, LA has called for the boycott of 24hr Fitness following the death of two black men in two years after employees called the police on these black men. 

On March 8th, 2017, Dennis Todd Rogers was shot and killed by LA County sheriff’s deputy outside of 24hour fitness. Rogers had signed up for a gym membership 5 days earlier and according to 24hr fitness management, was spending up to 12 hrs at the gym. They claim he was harassing other members and management asked him to leave the building. Rogers left the building but 24hrs management still thought he was a treat to them while standing around in the parking lot. 

On October 29th 2018, Albert Ramon Dorsey was shot and killed by LAPD inside 24hr fitness in Hollywood, California. According to the police, Dorsey was involved in two incidents at that specific gym in previous days and had trespassed on the day of the shooting. Employees of 24hr fitness called the police in an effort to have him removed. What resulted was the death of Mr. Dorsey.

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Our short documentary below looks into the demands of BLM and accompanies the organization as they protest outside of 24HR Fitness, Hollywood.