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Why HBO’s Insecure is Hella Important as F*^K

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Hbo, Insecure, Season 1

As you should know by now,  HBO’s Insecure is a huge hit.  It’s a show centered around two  black women, best friends, living in great city of  Los Angeles. Insecure takes on all topics that have to do with everyday life concerning not just black women but all women.

Here is the  official description from HBO

Modern-day black women might be described as strong and confident; in other words, just the opposite of Issa and Molly. As the best friends deal with their own real-life flaws, their insecurities come to the fore as together they cope with an endless series of uncomfortable everyday experiences. Created by co-star Issa Rae and writer/comic Larry Wilmore (“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”), the comedy series looks at the friendship of two black women in a unique, authentic way. It features the music of both indie and established artists of color, and touches on a variety of social and racial issues that relate to the contemporary black experience.

Hbo, Insecure , Issa Rae, show

HBO’s Insecure


With Sunday marking the end of the second season, Insecure,  the critically hailed comedy,  is something that we feel is so important for everyone to watch. With episode titles such as Insecure as F*&k, Messy as F*&K, Racist as F&^K ( in the first season ) and Hella Open, Hella LA, and Hella Disrespectful ( in the second season ) you can quickly see that the show creator/writer/ actor  Issa Rae is definitely trying to deliver a message to the world.

To touch on just a few topics from each season would not cover the full magnitude of this show. So here at Black Excellence, we have taken things one step further to bring you up to date on some of the topics brought up advertently and inadvertently on the show we love from each of the  first two seasons.


HBO’s show Insecure Season 1

Episode 1  – Insecure as F**K

  • Natural Hair  –  Natural hair  is a continuous discussion on this show.  How women should wear their hair in the workplace and even on a date. Also how the problem starts at a young age.
  • Being the token black person at workThat all black people are the same. We all should know what “on fleek” means.
  • Issue with black women and black men in the dating world  –  This obviously is a continuing theme throughout the show, but it is highlighted perfectly in the first episode.
  • Ethiopian Food ok ok …  this is not really a topic. In the first episode they go eat at one of my favorite Ethiopian food places in LA “Merkato”, and I think everyone needs to try it.  Ethiopian food is amazing!
  • Women supporting their men  In the beginning of the show, Issa, the female lead, has been supporting her boyfriend for two years.    With women becoming more highly educated and leaders in the world, it is important to have the conversation about the possibility of the traditional roles reversing.

    Hbo, Insecure, Season 1

    HBO’s Insecure, Season 1

Episode 2 – Messy as F**K

  • Problems with dating apps –  Highlights what the average black woman or man has to go through on dating apps. Women having to go through a lot of guys either not wanting to pay on dates, just wanting to have sex etc…… Some issues that Black Men have on dating apps is also discussed.

Episode 3 – Racist as F**K

  • All Blacks are not the same – In this episode, you get to see all of Issa’s and Molly’s other black girlfriends. We love how they depict the many different personalities blacks women can have (I know, this doesn’t even need to be said but it does).
  • Black men vs black women – In this episode, there is a huge debate about some of the problems with black men getting with black women.  Everything from black men not approaching black women, black men attacking different races once they get their degree, black women being difficult and controlling everything.  All these subjects need a show on their own.
  • How blacks should act in the workplace Bringing up if blacks should have to “Switch it up ”  in the workplace
  • Should women in high up places only date people on their level –  If you have a degree or are in a position of power, should you wait and find someone on your level?

Episode 4 – Thirsty as F**K

  • Shower Sex – If you have a normal shower, it sucks.  Don’t try it. ( ok not a topic ).

 Episode 5 – Shady as F**K

    • Women can be scandals too! –  Men and women are more alike that we like to think. That’s all I need to say. Watch the show

 Episode 6 – Guilty as F**K

  • The right person might not be who you originally envisioned Even though you might have an idea of what your perfect partner will be like, you should keep your options open because the right one might not be what you previously imagined.
  • Men and their sexuality –  In this episode, they explore the topic of men ( more like black men ) and their sexuality. Should they be allowed to experiment like women ? If a man has one sexual encounter with a guy, is he considered gay forever?  I think this show is definitely ahead of its time with this one.  Issa says, “Why can’t men explore their sexuality without being gay or whatever “

 Episode 7 – Real as F**K

  • Black men working in the tech space -Yes, there are black men in the tech industry.
  • The benefit of therapy – Therapy is still a real taboo in the black community. It is great that this episode demonstrates how beneficial it could be.
  • You might be the problem – We like to blame others for our failures in dating. But are we the problem?

 Episode 8 – Broken as F**K

  • This episode is basically just like the title says – We get to see how both male and females tend to deal with internal issues. 

HBO’s Show Insecure Season 2

Episode 1  – Hella Great

  • Women trying to recover a broken relationship – Relationship are complicated, especially today. We think it’s great to see how a women has to put together the pieces.
  • Therapy  – The fear of therapy, a topic that was brought  up at the end of last season  and continues in this season .  It is still a much needed topic in many communities of color.
  • Black women ( actually all women ) making less in the workplace –  Throughout this whole season. we get to see how Molly, the high profile attorney, has to deal with the fact she is doing the same work, if not better work, as her male counter parts while making less.

Episode 2   – Hella Questions

  • An honest black man (not all black men are liars)    In a world where the dialogue is about how all men are dogs and liars, the male lead character in Insecure, Lawrence, is a constant reminder that all ( black ) men are not the same.  Even though he is not perfect by any means.
  • All races could be racist –  We rarely see other races  than whites being racist on TV.  It was amazing to see how  the writers of Insecure chose to show that even a black person can be racist . A much needed topic as blacks grow to have more powerful positions in the workplace.
insecure, season 2,

HBO Insecure, Season 2

Episode 3   – Hella Open

  • Women are sexual too! – Of course this is not the first time we watched the girls in this show express their sexuality, but it’s definitely the first time we saw them partake  in a “ho phase” so advertly.  We need more images like these so we can continue to dispel the stupid notion that girls who express their sexuality are just hoes and not real women .  Women, just like men, should be able to express their sexuality freely without shaming.

Episode 4  – Hella LA

  • All Cops aren’t badIn one scene, Lawrence is let go with a warning on a traffic stop. Even though we have a lot of problems with police brutality and the  justice system in the United States, it is important to remember that all cops aren’t bad. I myself have been let go with just a warning after a traffic stop plenty of times before.
  • Open marriage/ relationships – With marriage rates on the decline, it is important to start the discussion about  how relationships are changing, especially with social media.  I think there are a lot more couples considering the possibility of an open relationship.

    insecure, season 2,

    HBO Insecure, Season 2

Episode 5  – Hella Shook

  • Even the relationships that you thought were great might be flawed – There is no perfect relationship. Even people that have been together for years and seem perfect probably had to get over some “mistakes”  before they got to where they are.

Episode 6 – Hella Blows

  • Problems with polygamy – This episode does a good job of showing the opposite side of monogamy too. Mo people, mo problems.
  • Becky – Beyonce complained about Becky with the good hair. In the this episode, the characters talk about black men’s theorized love for Becky aka white women, a topic that will never get old in the black community.
insecure, season 2,

HBO Insecure, Season 2

Episode 7 – Hella Disrespectful

  • Garrett’s Popcorn  – Ok this is another one that is not a topic, but i have a lot of family in Chicago and this popcorn is amazing! I recommend the Cheese. If you’re feeling dangerous, get the caramel and cheese together and eat it at the same time.

Episode 8 – Hella Perspective

  • Trust Issues How tolerant the baggage a person brings from their last relationship.
  • The difference between working with blacks and whites – Both might have issues.
  • Can you afford to live by yourself and pursue your passions – The struggle is real for those of us out here trying to do what we love.
  • White people moving into what was previously black communities
  • Black women dressing in traditional African clothes-  Another reference to the importance of experiencing other cultures.

So there it is! I’m sure we barely scratched the surface with this list.  Issa Rae and her team of writers have really outdone themselves with creating a show that the average person of any race can relate to on so many levels. From issues of inequality in the workplace, to problems with dating , and the overall  images of women,  you must now see why HBO’s Insecure is Hella Important as F**K.

Here is an interview Issa Rae did on Huffington Post.

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