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Top 10 World Travel Destinations to See in Your Lifetime



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World travel destinations African Americans must visit in a lifetime- Travelling is an integral part of life. Call it vacation or not, but traveling makes one more knowledgeablehealthier, and full of life. Living the nine to five routine has the potentials to sap one of energy. We work so hard to pay bills, cater to the kids, go to work, keep the home tidy, pay off school loans, and more. If one does not pause to reflect, one will wake up to the reality that he or she only existed and never really lived.


Travels and tourism is a valuable way to bring back the sparks into one’s life. Good news! African American travels have witnessed a remarkable increase of late. Therefore, this article presents ten world travel destinations African Americans can take advantage of to bring back the steam into their lives. So get your bag pack set for holiday 2019 and take a ride with me!


10 World Destinations to Be This Holiday

Petra, Jordan

world travel destination

When looking for one of the most exciting world travel destinations to visit, then Petra in Jordan stands out. It is an ancient 312 BC city built with rose-shaded rock sandstone. Just in case you are yet to find out, Petra is number 7 on the list of New World Wonders, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also has a notable impression of the Mount Hors shake face created by the Nabataeans during the third century.


Video: Petra, Jordan


Grand Canyon, Arizona, & National Parks in the USA

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Colorado River or Grand canyon came into existence due to its formation from massive rock rolls of about 200 miles in northwest Arizona. The Grand Canyon is the 15th national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979. It would be an excellent idea to see more parks and US world travel destinations since in the US. 


The Yellowstone National Park, USA, has a wide array of hot springs and geysers. The Yellowstone park stretches across three US states. In California, you have the Redwood National Park across the northern coasts of California on 133,000 acres of property. Most significant of the park is the abundance of amazingly tall trees and redwood of about 300 feet.


The Glacier National Park, Montana, USA, is another beautiful world travel destination. The park has clear lakes, green alpine forests, and beautiful mountainous planes stretched for up to 700 miles. So, if you are an excellent mountain climber, here is the chance to go hiking or maybe skydiving.


Tokyo, Japan

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Japan is notable for its rich cultural heritage and warm reception to strangers. Therefore, you should feel safe about visiting Tokyo’s world travel destination. Why? Tokyo is arguably the world’s largest city on earth. It has a wide array of just anything you need. And that’s one reason it’s the traveler’s dream city when visiting Japan. It’s also a bustling and busy city with a fabulous culture and adventurous displays. So, get packing!


Colosseum in Italy

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When it concerns Rome, you don’t wish to end your vacation in a hurry! For a world travel destination, the Colosseum gives you a taste of world history. The Colosseum brings 2,000 years of Roman history and empire back to life. The stadium brought gladiators in chariots together in a fight to save their lives. In other cases, fighters helped to entertain the people of Rome, seating at the Arena. If you have seen the movie ‘Gladiator’ or ‘Colosseum: Rome’s Arena of Death’ then I guess you know what to expect.


When in Rome, other fascinating places to check out include the Dolomite Mountains located in the north-eastern parts of Italy. The Dolomites is one of the most famous locations for hikers and skiers. So get your gears ready! Mountain climbers assemble at the Rocca Pietore just to get set for this exciting sport.


If you have enough time in Italy, then Venice is a city you don’t want to miss out on your itinerary. Venice has some of the most beautiful structures in Italy with exceptional road networks or canals. So, do your best to enjoy the thrills of the city, nightlife, beach, etc. Visit the St. Marks Basilica, take a walk on Rialto Bridge, and make your vacation a memorable one. Top cities to visit include Sicily, Milan, Naples, Pompeii, and Rome.


Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

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All Giza Pyramids

I guess seeing the Pyramids of Giza on the list shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is one of the seven ancient world wonders well preserved for history. And the memory of a trip to this historic and vibrant cultural world travel destinations will stay with you forever. The Great Pyramids of Giza dates back to 2,560 BC. It is one of the few wonders made by man to date towering high and surviving over 3,800 years.


Video: Travels inside the Great Pyramid of Giza


Great Wall of China

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The Great Wall of China stretches for thousands of miles and built on mountainous ridges. It presents a superb and well-secured edifice in ancient history. For world travel destinations, you did be amazed at how it all came to be. Trying to connect ancient history with modern structural patterns.


Video: Great Wall of China


Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

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The Great Barrier reef of Australia offers tourists 1,400 miles of coral reefs. It is the most extensive coral reef system in world history. A visit to such world travel destinations brings you before the world’s vast collection of biodiversity. Get ready to see over 1,500 types of fish, 400 species of coral, 4,000 types of mollusk. You can’t get enough of the Queensland. And that’s what makes the Great Barrier Reef one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. 


The location offers just the perfect sites for a diving experience with exhilarating underwater life views. Unfortunately, the Reef, a beautiful gift of nature, has become a victim of climate change. Chemical interference and world pollution are gradually causing the Great Barrier Reef to disappear.


Las Vegas

las vegas

If you do not visit anywhere else, then you should visit Las Vegas to experience the beauty and fun of life. The ‘Sin City’ is one world travel destination with endless possibilities. Las Vegas is a US location in Nevada with world-class events, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, casinos, etc. But get your wallets fully loaded because you sure would be doing a lot of spending.


The Big Apple of the United States could be an alternative travel destination option. New York City offers African American tourists and more a blend of culture and aesthetic scenes to see. New York’s architectural masterpiece, impressive art scenes, and fantastic shopping opportunities will make your trip complete. Just make sure to get your cart full, going back home.


Alhambra in Spain

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For history and culture lovers, artists and more Alhambra should make the exciting world travel destination. Alhambra came into existence in the 14th century during the Moorish rule in Granada, Spain. It is the palace of the Moorish dynasty built with such symmetrical and architectural details and attractions. So get your cameras set to click away!


Machu Picchu, Peru

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The ancient city of Inca, established sometime in the 15th century, is the temple at Machu Picchu located in Peru. Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage site built on the Andes Mountains. This world travel destination attracts thousands of visitors annually due to its astounding scenery. Besides, Machu Picchu offers a lot of fun activities for biking, hiking, rafting, zip-lining, and more. With the number of tour guide companies on the ground, your trip sure promises to be an exciting one.


Bonus Location: Paris

world travel destination

The list of world travel destinations is inexhaustible. Therefore, here is a bonus location to visit; Paris in France. Paris has long been an exciting travel location for tourists. Popularly known as the city of romance, Paris has something for everyone. It offers exciting cultural and aesthetic places to visit all through your vacation. Take a walk through the streets of Montmartre, see the Eiffel Tower, Live, or the endless stretch of breathtaking art collections.


The truth is, you just can’t exhaust the list of world travel destinations in one vacation. But in a lifetime, you sure will. Don’t miss out on this coming holiday. Now, it’s time for African Americans to get packing! Bon voyage! 


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