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Zelie Timothy: 7 Things to Know and Tyrese’s Bae

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Tyrese girlfriend Zelie Timothy in a black dress

Zelie Timothy is a model, social media influencer, host, and businesswoman. She is also the girlfriend of singer and actor Tyrese GibsonWith high-profile modeling and hosting gigs and her relationship with Tyrese, Zelie is has crashed into the limelight. 

Zelie is a private person despite being in the public eye. Here are 7 things to know about the beautiful Zelie Timothy. 

1. Zelie Timothy Is Dominican

Zelie Timothy was born on July 29, 1995, in the Dominican Republic and grew up with her siblings and cousins before moving to the United States.

There is little or no information about her parents. We also do not know what she attended. However, it is believed that she went to a local private school. Some have even suggested that it is possible Zelie Timothy is not even her real name. This is because some believe that if she used her real name, it would be easier to look into her private life.  Yet, nobody has ever disputed her identity, not even her ex-boyfriend. Also, no other name has been suggested anywhere else. 

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2. Zelie Timothy Loves Fashion

As you would expect of any model, Zelie loves fashion. She makes sure to incorporate a bit of style into whatever she does.  You will often find Zelie rocking some of the latest fashion or representing any of her many brands for whom she models. 

3. Zelie Timothy Loves Baecations 

Like many digital creators, Zelie also has a YouTube channel where she documents some of her activities. 

The channel is dedicated to documenting her experiences, makeup tutorials, and some baecations with Tyrees. 

4. Zelie Timothy Is Bisexual

Zelie is bisexual and she has talked on Southside Dash Radio about preferring the company of women, and that her partner needs to know that about her. 

She has also spoken about being down for threesomes. 

5. Zelie’s Relationship With Tyrese Has Been Eventful

The world knows now that Zelie is with her man, Tyrese Gibson. However, there was a time when that was a secret. 

Tyrese Gibson has been divorced twice and has two daughters. He was married to Norma Mitchel in 2009. Tyrese has a daughter named Shayla with Norma. 

He married Samantha Lee Gibson in 2017, and they separated in 2020. He also has a daughter named Soraya from Samantha.

In 2019, Zelie moved from Florida to Atlanta. Months after separating from his wife, Tyrese began hanging out with Zelie. 

Tyrese shared videos of himself hanging out with Zelie at a game, and Zelie Timothy posted videos of them hanging out at a club on Instagram with the caption “what’s understood does not need to be explained.”

The caption looked like a cryptic message to someone, and perhaps it was. It was this incident that brought her to limelight. 

At the time, Zelie was living with her then boyfriend, a rapper named Trap Beckham. She had been seeing him since 2019. 

Beckham seemed to be oblivious of Zelie’s relationship with Tyrese, and he was upset enough to part ways with her.

In truth, Zelie was already gone, but Beckham made a show of kicking her out of their apartment or talking at her as she packed to leave. He recorded a video of himself during that event. 

Zelie and Tyrees broke up six months after this incident. If Mr. Trap Beckham was thinking Karma was on his side, he was wrong because the couple got back together a few weeks later. 

Tyrese and Zelie  are currently going strong and even got into hot waters on social media recently when Zelie posted a video of Tyrese waxing her body. 

6. Zelie Timothy Had An Onlyfans Page And Has Had Plastic Surgery

Zelie gets lots of attention for her body and everyone can see she is proud of it. She puts in a lot of work to stay in shape and some of that work includes plastic surgery. 

Zelie got breast augmentation surgery in 2020. It is also believed that she may have done some enhancement on her butt as well, even though many others think her butt is all natural. 

Whether her butt is natural or not will not be relevant to her many admirers. Only critics would have something to say about that, and you can be sure Zelie does not care about the critics.

Zelie Timothy also used to have an Onlyfans page which appears to have now been deleted as of April 2022. 

It was reported that as of 2021 she had a large following on the Onlyfans platform, and fans subscribed for $28.99 per month to get access to premium content which did not include sex. 

The account was allegedly named Fans LOVE Zelie, and it described that she offered just teases, not anything more than that. 

7. Zelie’s Net Worth

Zelie’s net worth isn’t known specifically, but it is believed to range from $1m-$3m. She makes money from being a brand ambassador for many popular brands and for promoting brands on her Instagram which has about 517k followers as of April 2022. 

She has worked for Flat Tummy App and Boom Bud. Zelie allegedly began her career as a promotional model for Bay Phat Jeans LLC, working for them for 14 years. 

She then went on to host Club Champagne in Houston, and Club Allure in Atlanta. She also started a Lash Company in 2020 even though the company does not seem to be active at the moment. It was called the Lash Mansion, and she had a video about it on YouTube.