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The Top 3 Short Natural Hairstyles We Are Currently Loving

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Tamar Braxton with a shaved head smiling

Naturalistas know it is always fun to keep it fresh and new when it comes to rocking a natural hairstyle. As Spring arrives and Summer is in the horizon, we have picked for you the top 3 short natural hairstyles we absolutely love, for this season and beyond. 

Let’s start with…

The Bald & BeautifulBlack Panther has inspired so much, including making the bald and beautiful look in style again! We are seeing more and more black women cutting it all off and choosing to rock a bald style. And we love it! Even the biggest weave fans like Tamar Braxton are letting it all go and starting fresh! We are impressed and wowed! 

This look is just perfect for the warm seasons and your hair will grow back just in time for the colder ones. If you’re thinking about going for this bold look, now is the perfect time.

General Okoye would be so proud! 

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Tapered Cut Meets Afro – Okay, tapered cuts have been around forever. So have afros. But what we  love is the combination of both. For the longest time, tapered cuts were considered very masculine. Thanks to creative hairstyling, they are now one of the edgiest and feminine hairstyle women can wear. 

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And if you’re feeling even more edgy, go for more detailed designs on the side and defined curls at the top as seen in the picture below.

Or wear it with a traditional afro at the top.


Twist Out With A Flat Twist on the Side- Last but not least, an old favorite: twist outs. But this time, apply the concept of a shaved side by leaving one side with the flat twists intact. Or, leave flat twists on both sides for a mohawk inspired look. If you’re not ready for a tapered cut, this can give you a similarly edgy look without the chop. 

We also love this look because it gives you the flexibility to go from one style to another to another throughout the week. Rock the mohawk look for a couple of days, then let one side down. then let both sides down. Before you know it, you are going from one wash day to another in style. 

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With any style you choose this season, or any season, you can never go wrong rocking your naturally beautiful hair!