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WATCH: In Uganda, Blind Football Is a Ray of Sunshine

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blind football players of Uganda

How can blind people play football (known as soccer in the US)?

Let these Uganda players show you!

Football is without a doubt the most popular sport around the world. As The World Cup brings the world together, there is a small group in Uganda that has been able to take part in a game they love despite the odds. That group is a small collection of visiually-impaired footballers in Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Blind Football Uganda is an organization that makes playing football possible for the blind. With the help of a ball with sound and some international blind football rules, players are able to take the field and play a competitive game of football.

A short documentary, “For the Love of (Blind) Football,” tells the story of two of these players as they get ready to face-off in the final game of the season. Director Jarett Horton came across Blind Football Uganda when the league was featured on CNN and became intrigued by their story.

“Being a soccer player myself this story especially touched me,” said Jarett Horton, explaining why he chose to make the short documentary on the blind footballers. “The determination each player showed, even with disabilities, is something I carry with me everyday.”

Blind Football Uganda brings all the benefits of being part of a group sport to the players: physical activity, being a team player, leadership skills, and more. In a region of the world where opportunities for the visiually-impaired are greatly lacking, this league is glimmer of hope.