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La’Princia Brown: Get to Know Bobby Brown’s Gorgeous Daughter



La'Princia Brown

La’Princia Brown is the daughter of one of America’s most famous R &B artists, Bobby Brown. Born in September 1989, La’Princia is the first daughter of Bobby Brown and Kim Ward. 

Asides from being the daughter of the renowned Bobby Brown, she was once the stepdaughter of singer Whitney Houston. One thing we can bet on is that LaPrincia Brown is no stranger to fame and public scrutiny.

LaPrincia Brown’s Famous Father

Laprincia’s father is Robert Barisford Brown. He is more popularly known as Bobby Brown. He was a member of the famous music group New Edition until he left in December 1985 and pursued a successful solo career.

The Every Little Step singer was born to Carole and Herbert Brown on February 5, 1969. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Some credit him as the brain behind the new jack swing. New jack swing is a genre of music that blends hip hop with R&B.

Bobby Brown’s love life has long been an object of public discourse and controversy. He had an 11-year-long relationship with LaPrincia’s mother, Kim Ward. On September 17, 1989, they welcomed LaPrincia.

Bobby’s relationship with LaPrincia’s mother was cut short a few months after he met Whitney Houston at the 1989 Soul Train Awards. Rumor has it that he was still involved with Kim Ward while he dated Whitney Houston.

Bobby Brown seems to enjoy a great relationship with LaPrincia. Her mother has mentioned in several interviews that Bobby Brown cares deeply about his children.

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LaPrincia Brown’s Mother

Kim Ward, LaPrincia Brown’s mother, was Bobby Brown’s childhood sweetheart. Born a year after Bobby Brown, they became friends when she was just 12. They had an on-and-off relationship that lasted 11 years.

Although LaPrincia is her father’s second child, she is her mother’s first child. Kim Ward was Bobby Brown’s second girlfriend and the mother of two of his children. 

In 1992, Kim gave birth to LaPrincia’s younger brother, Bobby Brown Jr. Sadly, they lost him to a drug overdose in 2020.

LaPrincia’s relationship with her mother Kim Ward is as strong as ever.  Her Instagram page shows off their close relationship.

LaPrincia Brown has six siblings. She has one older sibling and five younger siblings. Of her six siblings, only one shares the same mother as her. Unfortunately, two of her siblings, Bobby Brown Jr and Bobbi Kristina Brown, have passed away. She has a great relationship with her siblings.


LaPrincia Brown’s Relationship with Whitney Houston

Snow White, Cinderella, and Tangled. We rarely see stories of a healthy relationship between a stepdaughter and her stepmother. However, this was not the case with LaPrincia Brown and Whitney Houston. The two got along really well. Kim Ward has said that Whitney Houston was kind to LaPrincia.

LaPrincia’s Marriage to Eddie Ray 

Yes, Bobby Brown’s gorgeous daughter is taken. She got married to her longtime boyfriend, Eddie Ray, in 2021. 

Eddie Ray is a podcast host, vlogger, and media personality. You can find some cute pictures of the two together on her Instagram page. 

Laprincia often writes about the beauty of their love on her blog. She once wrote, “I’ve never felt more protected and loved by anyone else.”

In the past, LaPrincia Brown was featured in movies and TV shows such as The Tyra Banks Show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and Being Bobby Brown.

In addition, she runs a blog called Saving Princie. In her blog, she pours her heart on topics like love, family, and justice. 

She has described her blog with the following words: “Saving Princie is about one woman’s journey to self-discovery through exploring various life passions.” However, she has not posted on her blog since 2018.

Most currently, LaPrincia Brown makes jewelry. It is reported that she makes jewelry for fun. Therefore, it’s hard to tell if she wants to make a career from her love of jewelry making.