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5 Questions with Black Owned Cryptocurrency $Guap Founder Tavonia Evans

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Black Owned Cyptocurrency

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You might be familiar with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but have you heard of the new black cryptocurrency $Guap?

$Guap is a ERC20 token built on  Ethereum Blockchain Technology. With $Guap, every token spent will be distributed throughout a system that will fund new businesses, HBCUs, and philanthropic efforts that adopt the coin. Merchants who are a part of the “$Guap Market”, pledge to pass on savings while benefiting from gaining access to loyal customers. Consumers will also be able to rate businesses and suggest methods for improvement anonymously to merchants to help maintain quality of service all through a proprietary portal.


The founder, Tavonia Evans, is a tech veteran who has worked in the field for over 20 years. Here is our conversation with the the New York native.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”purple” border_width=”2″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]BlackExcellence:  What inspired the $Guap venture?

Tavonia Evans: My team and I are very inspired by the concept of revitalizing our business communities and doing so by utilizing modern day technology innovations such as the crypto movement. In recent times there have been great advances in bringing people of color together for social change, we felt the timing was right to also bring about a financial revolution in our community. We are deeply committed to altering our spending habits so that they benefit us and not others who have no vested interest in our communities.

BlackExcellence: How do you think this will affect black businesses?

Tavonia Evans:  $Guap not only incentivizes patrons for supporting Black Owned Businesses, but it rewards businesses for their relationship with the community by providing them a loyal base to market to. Loyalty creates longevity, and while many black people are starting business they have difficulty maintaining them in the long run. The $Guap platform will provide both the merchant and consumer the tools to build relationships that will win for both ends.

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BlackExcellence: How can users partake in this?

Tavonia Evans: Users can visit $ to participate in our ICO, and purchase tokens. If they are inexperienced with the process of working with Crypto, we will be providing many layers of education to bridge that gap. If they have a group of 25 or more and want to do a group buy along with education – we are offering webinars as well as scheduling dates to speak with larger groups. The information to set those up will be on the website.

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Curtsey of Tavonia Evens

BlackExcellence: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Tavonia Evans: Our biggest challenge so far is ensuring we remain in compliance. The ICO arena is not regulated but because many other groups have been so successful with them, they are beginning to set a precedence for laws and such. The growth that crypto is experiencing creates changes by the moment, that we have to keep up with and adjust our strategy to accommodate.

BlackExcellence: What’s your one tip for anybody going into a tech venture?

Tavonia Evans: This is my second tech venture/startup and my biggest piece of advice is to not overthink things because the fears that evolve from overthinking are often strong enough to keep you from actually even launching your project. The most successful tech ventures in our history were started by young people who were not thinking about all of the things that could possibly go wrong. Take that into consideration.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]