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A New Cooking Competition Puts Spotlight on Black Chefs

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Black female chef

If you’re a fan of shows like Top Chef and Chopped but wish they featured more black chefs, you’re in luck! A brand new web series titled Bringing It To The Table will be premiering this Thanksgiving, November 23, and it will have all the black chefs you can handle! The six part series will showcase talented African American chefs as they show off their skills and personalities. The series will be available on the show website,

The show’s Executive Producer, Aminah ‘Chef MiMi’ Robinson-Briscoe, is from Berkeley, California and a graduate of the prestigious CIA, Culinary Institute in San Francisco. She was the youngest in her class to graduate at the age of just 19 years old. She is a skilled culinary professional who has won numerous awards and has been featured in Ebony Magazine and Cuisine Noir.

According to the show creators, the intention behind the series is to show the art of cooking from an African American perspective. “Many times, when we think of Chefs of color we think of Bar-B-Que and fried chicken, and although we love it, it’s not all we can prepare,” the show creators said. “..but it’s society’s stereotypes as seen so often in the media food space.”

black chef, chef mimi, black excellence, black cookingBringing It To The Table is described as “an urban reality cooking competition packed with drama and various challenges of obscure and unpredictable tests of taste inside and out of the kitchen.”

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This is exactly why we love the digital age of media. If you feel like what you want to see is not being represented by mainstream media, you can create it and easily distribute it through video and social platforms. It is easier than ever to find like minded people and share your creation.

Watch the trailer above and make sure to catch the series when it premiers on November 23rd.