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Dr. Benjamin Chavis Points NNPA To The Future at State of the Black Press Event

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Dr. Benjamin Chavis, on March 17, firmly linked the National Newspaper Publishers Association to its past, present, and future. This happened during his keynote speech at the NNPA Black Press Week luncheon, “State of the Black Press.”

According to Chavis, black newspapers have steadfastly fought throughout history for the rights of African-Americans to live freely. He also said church leaders who didn’t want to depend on the generosity of slave masters facilitated black business development. They also promoted international and institution building, as well as business in the black community. 

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The veteran civil rights leader said that understanding the Black Press’s evolution can explain why many Americans still trust it. He also said truth is something that no one can buy, and trust is something that cannot be fabricated.

During his speech, Dr. Benjamin Chavis said there would be several initiatives. This includes NNPA traveling around the country in a series of “Black church, Black press, and Black family revivals.” He also said the organization would promote nationwide voter registration and massive Get Out the Vote efforts. 

During his keynote address, Chavis said the future of NNPA and the Black Press is rooted in both the past and the future. As the Black Press deals with its technology future, Chavis said he treasured Howard University’s School of Communications and other affiliated HBCUs. 

Whether the NNPA and the Black Press decide to use traditional journalism or newer digital methods, Chavis said they had already earned the trust of the black community. He also said that its publications and journalists would remain at the forefront of the struggle for human rights.

To end his address, Chavis said it is impossible to ban the trust the Black Press has earned from its commitments.