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Emotional Emancipation Circles Work To Heal The Wounds Of Racism



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Racism kills, we all know that. And we have been marching in the streets (and battling in the courtroom) to fight police shootings, to fight inequality, to fight injustice for decades upon decades. That is after slavery and the Jim Crow era.  That has taken a massive emotional toll on the black community, an emotional toll that is often ignored and not dealt with. Community Healing Network, Inc is working to heal these emotional wounds through Emotional Emancipation Circles, one community at a time.

What are Emotional Emancipation Circles? 

Community Healing Network, a non-profit that has been working since 2006 to “help Black people overcome, heal from, and overturn the root causes of the devaluating of Black lives: the lies of White superiority and Black inferiority”, in collaboration with Association of Black Psychologists, is spearheading a global movement for an emotional emancipation through self-help groups across various black communities. In these circles, black people meet to share their stories, deepen their understanding of “historical forces on our emotional lives,” and “develop strategies to extinguish the lies of White superiority and Black inferiority- once and for all” among other things. 

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EE Circle workshops and training are offered to those who are committed to emotional emancipation for themselves and their families and communities. Past EE Circles trainings have taken place in Africa, U.S., Europe, and the Caribbeans.


How Can You Get Involved? 

You can get involved initially by seeing if there is a Circle locally that you can join. If there is not one that is local to you, you can start your own Circle to help heal your community. Circle leaders are offered training around the world. Check for the training schedule here

Our community needs this healing. As Marcus Garvey said, “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind.”