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Gourmonade, Black-Owned $8 Lemonade Stand, Launches Kickstarter To Expand Business

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You might have heard of Vicktor Stevenson and/or Gourmonade due to a recent interaction Stevenson had with law enforcement that went viral.

On July 17th, just few days after grand-opening, the police were called on Stevenson as he was opening his lemonade stand. “Four cops just hopped out on me guns almost drawn took my ID at my own store,” Stevenson shared on Facebook. “This racist thing is out of control but it won’t stop me!”

Since the above incident, Gourmonade has been growing. The lemonade stand that initially garnered attention for its high prices has seen interest grow in its products after all the attention Stevenson’s viral run-in with the law garnered. He is now attempting to use the spotlight to quickly expand his grassroots lemonade operation located in San Francisco.

Stevenson recently started a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising $40,000 to expand his hours (his shop is currently open only on weekends) and increase production.

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“Many lemonade drinks are watered down; contain too much sugar and preservatives or very little if any authentic lemon juice,” Stevenson writes in his Kickstarter campaign. “It was during a winter storm coupled with a craving for fresh squeezed lemonade (wishing Spring would soon arrive) that inspired a quest to develop a stellar lemonade drink.”

So far, the campaign has raised $4,300 with 137 backers and 33 days left to go.