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How Drake Broke Historic Beatles Record

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drake putting a tooth pick in his mouth looking at the camera

Drake cannot be stopped. His latest achievement? Breaking a historic Beatles record set in  1964. 

When “Yesterday” was released in 1964, The Beatles landed five singles in the Billboard Top 10. Now, Drake’s “Scorpion” has managed to land seven simultaneous singles in the top 10. Drake’s rankings are as follows: “Nice for What” at No. 1; “Nonstop” at No. 2; “God’s Plan” at No. 4; “In My Feelings” at No. 6; “I’m Upset” at No. 7; “Emotionless” at No. 8; and “Don’t Matter to Me,” featuring Michael Jackson, at No. 9.

On top of that massively impressive achievement, Drake also broke his own record of most singles charting in the Hot 100 with 27! That includes all 25 records from “Scorpion.”

But that’s not all. Within a week of release, “Scorpion” crossed the one billion mark in online streams. That’s another record breaking achievement. 

One last thing. Drake also surpassed Michael Jackson as the artist with the most Hot 100 Top 10s in his career among solo males. Michael had 30 (including his appearance on Drake’s new single) and Drake has 31. 

He gotta be nice for what?