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Hussle For More: Nipsey’s Money Moves

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Nipsey Hussle Graffiti Memorial in Toronto

These days it seems like every rapper or celebrity is expanding their business beyond their known profession and attempting to be known as an entrepreneur, not just an artist or entertainer. Artists like Jay-Z, Diddy, and Rick Ross are dominating markets other than music in hopes of reaching the success of other rappers turned entrepreneur like Dr. Dre, who’s become the first hip-hop billionaire by creating the Beats By Dre headphones. 

If you have heard of or noticed these trends amongst musicians, then you may be familiar with California rapper Nipsey Hussle, who has become known as one of the top entrepreneurs in the hip-hop industry. 

Some may remember Nipsey for being the rapper who sold one of his mixtapes for $100 (Jay-Z bought 100 of those copies by the way).  But in addition to being one of the West Coasts’ most influential rappers, Nipsey has made a name for himself in the real estate industry as well.  He’s also created a successful clothing line, “Marathon Clothing”.

Alongside his many accomplishments, Nipsey has found himself in the tech industry as well. In June 2017, the rapper released a cell phone app which allows those who buy his clothing to scan the clothes and interact with the app for a new never-before-seen experience.

Now, his most recent endeavor has found him dabbling in the tech field yet again. The new adventure comes in the form of a partnership with a company known as FollowCoin. If you’re unfamiliar with FollowCoin, it is a lot like the successful company known as Bitcoin, which is a form of trading for cryptocurrency.

What FollowCoin does is it connects novice cryptocurrency traders with experts in the field, helping them to gain more currency due to the advice and trends of professionals. The company will include a mobile app and will be available for those using Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

With business ventures like this, Nipsey continues to take his influence beyond the music industry and establish himself as a versatile entrepreneur.  Music,  real estate, clothing, and now the tech industry. Nipsey Hussle is showing he is so much more than music. He is the definition of black excellence by showing all of his fans exactly why they should HUSSLE FOR MORE.