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Insecure’s Yvonne Orji Explains Nigerian Saying Tattooed On Her Wrist

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We all have a Molly in our lives. A badass career crusher who is a bit crushed in the love department. A fun and supportive friend who often is unable to apply the advice they dish out. A friend you just can’t live without.

Actress and comedian Yvonne Orji told NPR in a recent interview that viewers resonate with her Insecure character Molly because she is “a beautiful mess.” Yvonne also resonates with the character because she believes Molly is who she would have been if things had gone a little differently for her in college.

Yvonne discussed a wide range of subjects in the interview, ranging from changing her plans to be a doctor to pursue comedy to her faith. The actress also discussed her Nigerian roots and the meaning of the tattoo on her wrist.

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“I have two tattoos on my wrist, one is a saying that we say in Nigeria, and it goes…[it] translates to ‘Nigerians don’t finish second place’. We don’t finish last. And that’s what being Nigerian, that’s what my parents taught me.”

Insecure‘s 3rd season is currently airing on HBO.

Listen to the full interview below.