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Lomi Mango: Afrocentric Travel Wear That’s Comfortable & Colorful!



Let’s get a little personal. What are you wearing?

This question is for those who travel often. If you’re not traveling currently, think back to the last time you were. Is anything you are wearing or wore standing out to you?

Born from avid travelers, Lomi Mango is the latest clothing company that celebrates black travelers through afro-centric and colorful designs on comfortable pieces.

Lomi Mango was born to serve two purposes. The founders believe the journey should be comfortable and the destination must be colorful when traveling. Why not knock out two birds with one stone by wearing something that serves both purposes?

The company is launching with clothing for women travelers only for now. Colorful patters on dresses and travel inspired quotes and designs on t-shirts and hoodies is what you will find at Lomi Mango.

“I wanted to wear something fun and colorful on my last trip to Hawaii, something that celebrated blackness. But I had a hard time finding something I liked!” says Lomi Mango founder. “So I started thinking about what type of things I would want to wear. I like clothing that is expressive of who I am as a person. That’s what I design. Your clothes should tell your story and express what you care about. For me, and I am sure for plenty of others, it’s traveling”

Lomi Mango especially takes pride in being an affordable alternative to the bland and basic attires that most travelers have come to rely on while en route to their destination. However, the clothes are not strictly for traveling. What they like to say at Lomi Mango is, “Colorful and comfortable clothing, for your journeys near and far.” So, whether you’re running down to the store or catching a flight, grab one of the dresses, t-shirts, or hoodies and express yourself, colorfully.

Just in time for Spring, Lomi Mango is now open!