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Looking For Work Abroad? These 3 Websites Can Help

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Are you dreaming of finding work abroad yet you have no clue where to start? Ever wanted to join the black travel movement by finding work in an exotic land half way around the world? Worry not, we’ve got you covered!

If you have done any research at all in this subject, you know there are plenty of websites that connect job seekers with work available in other countries.

Here are just 3 of them. 

Easy Expat 

On Easy Expat, you can check out plenty of job listings for expats all around the globe. Once you’ve uploaded your resume, employers from different countries will take a look over it. It’s highly recommendable that you regularly update your work experience.

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Besides the international job offers, the website also contains forums, blogs, guides, and FAQs about the cost of living and overall experience of residing and working in certain parts of the world. Plus, you can use Easy Expat to find a roommate, apartment, car, or furniture in the country of your choice.  


GoAbroad is one of the most popular platforms for people who want to work, volunteer, or study overseas. There are tens of thousands of programs you can choose from, divided into several categories such as Study Abroad, Teach Abroad, TEFL Courses, Intern Abroad, and Volunteer Abroad. Each and every opportunity has multiple reviews from previous participants so you can get a better idea of what the experience is all about.  

Transitions Abroad 

This website specializes in helping people get a better grasp of working abroad and assists individuals in the process of becoming successful expats. Whether you’re looking to teach English abroad, finding a job in the hospitality industry, or working in a farm, Transitions Abroad has tons of options you can opt for. All of the programs are also meant to help participants understand and appreciate the world. Moreover, you’ll find numerous articles on various career-related topics.  

These great websites help aspiring expats simplify their search for international work. All you need to do is decide which platform is the most suitable for you or try all of them out! Best of luck in your journey!