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Make Your Summer Tastier by Celebrating Black-Owned Restaurants

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handsome african american chef standing at restaurant kitchen with crossed arms and looking at you

Do you need another reason to love summer? We have got it for you! A number of cities across the U.S. are celebrating black-owned restaurants by having “Support Black-Owned Restaurants Days”. Most of these take place in August in cities like Portland, Chicago, Houston, Madison, Memphis and more. Although the celebration of black owned restaurants is not new, the fact that it is spreading is good news to the black community at large.

These celebrations go as far back as 1979 with the creation of the Black Cuisine Festival in San Francisco by George W. Davis. Since then, the movement has slowly grown. In recent years, more and more cities have caught on to the tasty trend by dedicating few days or a full week to celebrating black-owned restaurants. has a fantastic article on this subject you can read in full here.