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New Heritage Brand aims to stay relevant

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Everyone has a fashion staple. Whether it be a favorite pair of black jeans or a crisp white tee, we’ve all got a clothing items that we cling to. From the 90’s til now, there’s a brand that remains a staple for many.

New Heritage Brand is the name and its clothing is creating unity within the world.

About the brand

New Heritage was originally founded in 1988. Fashion designers Cynthia Belinda Wells Jones and Rodney Jones created the brand which became popular in the 90s. The street wear styled clothing has eye-catching graphic designs and exhibits African American culture.

The brand is no stranger to followers of familiar faces in the entertainment industry. Actors such as Will Smith, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and the Wayan’s Brothers attributed to the growth of the brand.

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New Heritage has been featured on some of the most popular shows in the 90s including Living Single, Martin, Living Color, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Cosby Show.

New Heritage: Where’s The Brand At Now?

Fast forward to the 2000s and the New Heritage Brand is continuing to pay homage to African American culture. Tamira Wells, current owner, is yearning to continue the legacy of her aunt and uncle.

Wells is showcasing  the sweat-gear, t-shirts and snap backs at pop-ups and spaces for consumers to learn more about the brand that is promoting black awareness. There is beautiful history that is passed down from generation to generation. Wells is inspiring us all to add to the legacies that our families have left for us to see.

It’s a refreshing reminder for us to continue learning about our culture’s rich history, while also contributing to it.

To learn more about the brand, follow New Heritage Brand on Instagram and Twitter. To make any orders or for any other inquiries, visit