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Skeleton Coast: Africa’s Most Untamed Coast

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Shipwreck boat on Skeleton Coast in Africa

If it didn’t exist, Namibia’s Skeleton Coast would be difficult to believe. Vast dazzling white sand, large sand dunes, lions stalking seals, and elephants wading in the waves are all part of what makes Skeleton Coast Africa’s most beautiful and untamed coast. 

Skeleton Coast is located in the northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia. The landscape is so harsh that the Bushmen that lived in the area called the region “The Land God Made in Anger.” The name Skeleton Coast was coined by the writer John Henry Marsh as the title of the book he wrote about the shipwreck of the Dunedin Star, a UK refrigerated cargo liner that run aground in the region. But the inspiration for the name came from the countless animal bones and ship wrecks scattered across the vast land. 

 Image Name Stretching approximately 310 miles, Skeleton Coast is highly inhospitable. Rainfall is extremely rare and the surf is heavy on the beaches.  Large predators like lions and hyenas wander the shores in search of their next meals. 

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Those seeking adventure on this beautiful but harsh land organize day trips from Swakopmund, an old German colonial town located west of Windhoek, Namibia’s capital. Visitors explore the southern part of the Skeleton Coast using kayaks, catamarans, quad bikes, and 4x4s. Another option for visitors is to enjoy the scene abroad a flights that skim low across the sea and sand. 

 Image Name Surfing is another common activity for visitors looking to ride powerful waves in some of the least crowded beaches in the world. Some of the spectacular breaks include Cape Cross and Skeleton Bay. 

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 Image Name The best way to explore Skeleton Coast is through 4×4 safaris. Only a handful permits are available every year to enter the area, which is a national park. The trip is arguably the most adventurous and remote safaris in Africa. 

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