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The Subscription Beauty Box For Women of Color

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Black Women putting on make up

The beauty industry was once dominated by products that are not exactly friendly to people of color. The color scale ranged from “darker” shades of white to very light shade of white. Women of color had to settle for the closest thing they could find to their shade, even if it meant wearing make up that looked more like a costume and not an enhancing tool of their natural beauty.

That has dramatically improved in recent years. Major beauty product companies have started making products with women of color in mind. That, however, does not apply to all makeup or beauty related companies. And that is what inspired sisters Jasmine and Jenae Harris to get into the subscription business with their company Huesbox.

As customers of a  subscription box that comes with various beauty products, the Harris sisters experienced major disappointment with the products they were receiving month after month. They found that the items shipped to them were not matches to their skin tone as they were mainly aimed at white women. Frustrated by this experience, they joined forces to launch Huesbox, a subscription box company that ships various beauty products to its customers of color.

Huesbox doesn’t sift through your typical beauty stores to find products. The company works with up and coming, unknown, and independent companies that have excellent products.  These companies provide their sample products and Huesbox pays for it. Most subscription companies do not compensate for sample products. This is part of the commitment from Huesbox to support small businesses that can benefit from both the exposure and the compensation for their sample products.

The boxes cost $15 and include four to six items ranging from cosmetics to some non-beauty items. In their first year of operation, the company has made $20,000. To learn more about the Huesbox and their services, click here.