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Yoga For And By Black Women: Meet Mocha Yoga



Yoga for Black Women - Mocha Yoga

Passion2Business: Yoga for and by Black Women

Mocha Yoga is a brand that represents women of color in a space of wellness, self-care, and just respecting and honoring our bodies and our roles in the world” says Salena Collins, with a huge smile on her face, when asked what Mocha Yoga is.  She co-founded the wellness brand with fellow yogi Malon Murphy. 

When Salena started practicing Yoga, there were not too many black faces in the field. Malon experienced the same issue and felt instant connection and comfort when she discovered one of Salena’s classes at a local gym in Los Angeles. A friendship began and Mocha Yoga followed shortly after. 

Through digital media, Mocha Yoga provides a space for women of color to learn about Yoga and wellness and connect with one another. “I really wanted people to see themselves and to see that Yoga is not just for a certain type of person like we’re both from the hood, we’re from South Central LA” says Malon, explaining the mission behind the brand. 

Watch the video below to learn more on how they turned their passion into business in our latest episode of Passion2Business

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