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9 Fit Black Women on Instagram That Will Inspire You to Work Out

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Looking for somebody to kick (by kick, we mean motivate) your ass into shape? Nobody can do it better than the fit black women we have for you!

Every so often, getting off the couch and working out feels like a HUGE burden. But, thanks to social media, a motivational figure in the fitness world is only a kick and scroll away.

Let’s look at some incredibly fit black women on Instagram who will definitely get you moving.  

Sasha Exeter

Sasha Exeter is a fitness model from Canada who flawlessly combines fitness with fashion. She manages to create an effective blend of HIIT workouts and fabulous outfits. Not to mention that she’s also a mom and is documenting her beautiful, active, and healthy motherhood journey on her feed and in her stories.


Elisabeth Akinwale

Talk about fitness!

This Chicago-based beauty is a fitness trainer, a mother, and a regular CrossFit Games competitor. On her Instagram, you’ll find a lot of useful fitness information along with various workouts.

Elisabeth features strength training routines, yoga sessions, core exercises, gymnastics, and a lot more. All of this makes her the perfect Instagram guru to follow whenever you want to try out something exciting and new.  


Chelsea Jackson Roberts

If you’re all about smart, fit Instagrammers, you’ll certainly love Chelsea Jackson Roberts. She is a yoga instructor who also has a doctorate from Emory University. In her posts, she shares fascinating wellness information and useful yoga tips. And the fact that her work is focused on gender, class, and race makes her even more amazing.


Selena Watkins

Selena Watkins is a dedicated SoulCycle instructor who founded the Socanomics dance workout. She firmly believes that rhythm and upbeat afro Caribbean dance routines can help you shed off the pounds, tone your body, and have fun while getting a workout in! 

Selena shares plenty of at-home workout ideas, and she teaches energetic classes in New York City.


Lita Lewis

Lita Lewis is a self proclaimed self love ambassador that will have you lovin’ your thick thighs and living your best fit life!

Lita motivates her audience through exciting workouts and inspirational quotes. She has quit her corporate job and built an engaging fitness platform on Instagram, where almost 500k people are following her!


Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins is one of Hollywood’s most appreciated fitness and health experts. She’s in high demand among celebrities and her world-renowned clientele includes Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, and Serena Williams.

As soon as you check out Jeanette’s Instagram, you’ll undoubtedly understand what the hype is all about!


Racheal Weathers

Racheal Weathers is a Hatha and Vinyasa yogi who lives in New York. She focuses on self-care and offers a variety of helpful fitness advice. On Instagram, she posts photos of her in some awe-inspiring poses. In addition, the pictures revealing her toned, strong body will make you grab a mat and start moving.


Anowa Adjah

Anowa Adjah is proof that, as long as you have a healthy diet and a good workout plan, the scale isn’t when your fitness story should start and end.

She weighs more than 200 pounds, but, as all of us can see, these pounds are used to create a beautiful definition. She is one curvy lady, a mother of twins, and a master trainer.  

Talk about a fit black woman!


Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman is a successful fit entrepreneur who gives women the tea of fitness, beauty, and health. On her Instagram page and on her website, she helps her audience find the routine that best suits their body and schedule.

Hannah is an empowering and educative teacher who you’ll have a lot to learn from.  Did we mention that’s Hannah is also a DJ??

Whether you’re into cardio, toning, lifting, stretching, yoga, CrossFit, or all of them, these fit black women will help you get fit, stay fit, and inspire your personal goals. 

Share your fitness goals with us below!