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Black People, They’re Just Like Us! Memo To 911 Happy White People

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It is unnecessary to point out that the fight for racial equality is one that is based on the belief that the humanity of black people and brown people is as valuable as white people. It seems logical enough. But somehow, it is necessary to point that out. There are still people out there that do not understand that concept. When we fight for equality, it is not a fight for hand outs or for us to be treated better than other races. It is a fight to be treated as equally, as fairly. 

Some people that have not gotten this memo are the ones that keep calling the police on black people doing things a human being (a white human being) does on a daily basis. But somehow, when black people do it, it is “suspicious” and “threatening.” Either they do not understand the logical concept of black people are humans too or they do not believe it. 

For these who do not understand the concept specifically, we want to send this memo out (those who do not want to accept it need a separate memo, or none at all). We admit we stole the concept from those ridicules tabloid magazines that use photos of celebrities going grocery shopping and eating ice cream in an attempt to prove their humanness. This list is that ridiculous and sadly necessary.

They take naps in common areas on campuses

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They golf!

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Myneca Ojo, via Facebook

They go shopping

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They have meetings at coffee shops

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They vacation!

They go to college

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They wait in their cars to kill time

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They canvas door to door, as politicians


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They hang out at the community pool

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They deliver newspapers

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Photo: via Brandie Sharp Facebook

They BBQ at the park


They workout at the gym

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They wear hoodies and walk on the street 

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And so much more! 

It is perfectly acceptable and reasonable to call the police if one feels their safety has been threatened. But the question is, was the safety of the 911 callers threatened because of what these black people were doing or because of the color of their skin? Would the police have been called if these were white people? Extremely doubtful. Because in the eyes of the 911 happy white people, black people are not equally human. There is no way they would be doing humanly things in peace without being suspected of fraud, thievery, and violent behavior.

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And to those who think this behavior is new, it is not. It has just become a trend to call out these actions via social media. Police being called on black people that did not “fit” their surroundings or dare behave in any manner that suspicious white people did not like is as old as Jim Crow.

This issue is one that probably will not be resolved anytime soon. Racism has existed for hundreds of years and gets passed down from generation to generation like wealth. However, our fight for equality is one that has also been passed down from one generation to another, though it is sad that it has to be.