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Reclaiming Our Roots with Black Women-Owned Apothecaries



Black Owned apothecaries

There’s a comeback happening in the Black community. Ladies are taking their health into their own hands. With the number of black deaths at the hands of Western medicine on the rise, it’s only fair that we start taking care of ourselves. It’s evident in the increasing number of black-women owned apothecaries around the United States.

We’re reverting to the ways of our ancestors. Not just including our herbalist great aunties, and grandmothers but also modern medicine’s ancestors as well. There was a time when modern pharmaceuticals were derived from the plant material without synthesis. 

It’s a beautiful reclamation. These women are showing us that coming back home to nature is okay. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, nobody paid any mind to the “crazy” herbalist woman in the backwoods. Society and religion scared us away from turning to the roots and herbs of the Earth.

But now, they’re being reintroduced to us in a beautiful new light. 

Here’s a brief list of black women-owned apothecaries and black herbalists. 

Jessyka Winston of Haus of Hoodoo, New Orleans LA

Black Women-Owned Apothecaries

Jessyka is a self-proclaimed Rootworker/Hoodoo Practitioner. Haus of Hoodoo is a brick and mortar shop located in New Orleans. They’ve recently just opened.  Haus of Hoodoo offers herbal medicine and Fixed Candles. Her Instagram page is chock full of testimonials from happy patrons who’ve received beneficial results from the Fixed Candles. 

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Ashe of Puraluna Women’s Apothecary, Santa Barbara CA

Black Women-Owned Apothecaries

Pureluna Apothecary’s mission is to empower women to heal themselves. Amongst many herbal offerings, they contribute to the community by holding workshops and events at their shop located in Santa Barbara.

Samara and Shadae of House of Umi, Mesa AZ

Black Women-Owned Apothecaries

House of Umi is an online apothecary containing herbal offerings in the form of powders and teas. Outside of herbal healing, Samara offers breathwork coaching sessions online and Shadae offers business coaching as well. They offer detox courses, too. 

Karen Rose of Sacred Vibes Apothecary, Brooklyn NY

Herbal Consultations in Brooklyn NY, Black Women-Owned Apothecaries

Master Herbalist Karen Rose opened the doors of her apothecary in 2002. Sacred Vibes has online offerings including herbal teas and tinctures, as well. The apothecary also plays a role in the community. They offer free workshops centered on herbalism, ancestor connection, and connection to the Earth.