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Dr. Hadiyah- Nicole Green: The Innovator Fighting Cancer in a New Way

cancer treatment by Dr. Hadiyah Nicole Green

Researchers and scientists are constantly faced with the daunting tasks of coming up with new technologies that will speed up development of affordable and effective cancer treatment. At the forefront of such indispensable research is Dr. Hadiyah- Nicole Green, Founder of Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation. Dr. Green has not only distinguished herself academically, but also in her approach to cancer treatment using Nanotechnology.

Although current cancer treatment such as Surgery, Chemo and Radiation do a good job in killing cancer cells, they do so at a heavy price which is- side effects. How do they occur?  Side effects occur when doctors are treating cancer cells using some methods and in the process affect healthy tissues that are not cancerous. This kind of exposure on healthy cells could at times lead to unwanted complications. Moreover, complications could spiral out of control and become life threatening not to mention costly.

Dr. Hadiyah Nicole Green cancer treatment
Dr. Hadiyah Nicole Green developed Laser Activated Nano Technology to treat cancer

This brings us to Laser Activated Nano Therapy (LANT). In her quest to improve current cancer therapies and in order to avoid damaging healthy cells, Dr. Green has developed a targeted method of killing cancer cells using lasers and nano-particles. Her method is safe and does not affect the surrounding cells. Precise and more accurate than any other cancer treatment available today, LANT has the potential of slashing treatment costs and time so that more people can access this new and revolutionary cancer treatment.

How does it work?

1.    Identify tumor or cancer cells

The first step of this particular cancer treatment and any other is to identify the tumor. Distinguishing the healthy cells from cancerous cells. Treatment can begin keeping in mind that the goal is to avoid doing any harm whatsoever to cells that are perfectly healthy.

2.   Injecting the tumor with non-toxic nano-particles (nano-solution)

The second step is to inject the tumor with a very small amount of non-toxic nano-solution. Nano refers to one billionth of a meter. In this case the quantity of the solution is very minute and harmless to the body.

Cancer treatment
Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation
3.   Shine harmless laser light on the tumor

The third step after injecting the tumor with the nano-solution is to focus a beam of light emitted from a laser directly on to the tumor.

4.   Nano-solution Absorbs light

As the laser is beaming light onto the tumor, the nano-solution begins to absorb the light. Neither of the two can work without the other. Both are required in the process so that the tumor can be eliminated.

5.   Converts light into heat and kill tumor

While the absorption of light continues, the nano-solution begins to convert light into heat progressively burning the cancer cells.  The tumor which starts to undergo regression after just 10 minutes into the process gradually shrinks and dies off. Further tests confirmed that the cells gradually regressed as days went by and in no more than 15 days, the tumor disappeared.

Dr. Hadiyah cancer treatment
Dr. Hadiyah Nicole Green Founder of Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation.

Cancer is one of the most devastating genetic disease that inflicts a lot of suffering not only to the affected persons but also friends, family and society at large. However, as you can see, LANT has the potential to start shrinking a tumor within minutes of the process and therefore save millions of lives. To help make this a reality please visit Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation and make a donation so that Dr. Green’s cancer treatment can be available to the world soon. The treatment has not yet gone through immunotheraphy or a clinical trial yet. 

“My goal is to change the way cancer is treated.”
Dr. Hadiyah  Nicole Green

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