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Ja Morant Suspended from NBA Indefinitely, Spends Time in Counseling

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Ja Morant on the court

Memphis Grizzlies point guard Ja Morant is out of the league indefinitely and receiving counseling in Florida. This news comes days after the NBA All-Star apologized for showing a firearm during an Instagram Live recording.

On Monday evening, ESPN asked the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, Taylor Jenkins, if fans could anticipate Morant’s return to action by the weekend. In response, Jenkins stated that there was a lot of internal dialogue, among other things, at the league level, and the team was communicating with the league’s management. He said that Ja was a part of the process and that after the Grizzlies’ next two games, he would be ready for the next games.

Going further, Jenkins reminded reporters that Morant was taking time off and working hard to become better for himself and the team. He said he would not comment further until other necessary updates were available.

On his part, Morant released a statement last week apologizing for his recent actions. The 6’2 point guard also mentioned that he would be taking some time off to get some counseling and work on learning better ways to deal with stress.

Meanwhile, pictures have leaked from Morant’s night of fun at Shotgun Willie’s. This was the Colorado strip club where the basketballer was holding a firearm. Two employees from the establishment stated that Ja Morant spent at least $50,000 during the visit. 

Ja Morant holding a gun

However, the club owner Deborah Dunafon informed the New York Post that the superstar had visited the club before. In her statement, she admitted to preferring his patronage to some of her club’s past guests. Deborah added that he was exceptionally respectful and did not drink on his second visit. 

The pictures of the event have caused some controversies on the internet. We have included some Twitter comments from athletes and sports analysts below: