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Joshua Harris: From Football Player to Fitness Coach

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Joshua Harris Fitness Coach lifting weights

When one door closes, another one opens, and Joshua Harris knows firsthand what it’s like to walk through that door, going from football player to a fitness coach.

Joshua Harris is a fitness coach residing in Dallas, TX. Joshua, a former football player, grew up heavily active in sports. Excelling in football, he played at a collegiate level at Wake Forest before taking it to the next level as a running back for the Pittsburg Steelers.

After his tenure in the NFL, Harris decided to still keep fitness close to him by being a fitness coach and creating the Peak Work, his coaching program. Harris sat down with me to share more about his mission in providing motivation and inspiration to those who want to be the best version of themselves and where he sees The Peak Work going in the future.


Joshua Harris’ Start in Football

BE: For anyone who follows you, it’s clear that football has always been and still is a big part of your life. Can you tell me how that passion started and how you began playing? 

JH: I have an older brother who is 2.5 years older than me. I wanted to do everything he did as a child. When he was five years old, my parents put him into flag football. I also wanted to play, but I was too young at the time. I began to cry, so the organizers of the team let me play. I was only three years old.  My passion for it grew from that point on.

BE: Once you decided to step away from football professionally, what inspired you to begin your career as a fitness coach and The Peak Work? 

JH: I was still working out regularly as if I was playing and began to get a lot of inquiries about how I stay in shape. That is how the idea of starting came about. I needed a more accessible avenue for people who wanted help with their workouts to contact me and receive that help. I began coaching because I always wanted to be close to the game I am passionate about.

BE: Starting any business or pursuing a passion can take a lot of discipline and hard work. So how do you think football played a role in preparing you to be a fitness coach? 

JH: Football taught me so many things about life. How to discipline me, how to work hard, how to wake up early, how to keep grinding even after achieving a goal. I am thankful for my athletic background because it molded me.


Fitness Coaching Through The Peak Work

BE: What sets you apart from the crowd? How do you want to position yourself in the fitness space, and what’s something unique you want people to know about The Peak Work? 

JH: I strive to be as transparent as possible. I do not charge my clients a lot of money because I do not need the money. I do this solely to help people become their best selves. Therefore my motives are pure. I will tell you how it is whether you like it or not. If you do not want to work with me afterward, then so be it. I strive to be a well-rounded athlete. Most fitness influencers were overweight and then lost weight, and now they help others who look to do that same. I have been an athlete my entire life, so I honestly do not think I fit into the current fitness influencer scene because most people cannot and will never be able to relate to me.

Joshua Harris Fitness Coach

BE: Physical fitness does a lot for the body, but how has it improved your overall mental health and wellness? In what ways is being a fitness coach and active helped you reach your peak? 

JH: My body feels great. My mental toughness is high, so whatever struggles I may be dealing with, I do not let it deter my daily walk. Working out every day also helps build your confidence, look good, and feel good.

BE: It can be hard to keep at it when the going gets rough. So who are some people in your corner or community who inspire you to keep working? 

JH: My family motivates me, whether they know it or not. I am working to put everyone in a position to be more comfortable.


BE: For someone beginning their fitness journey, what’s an encouraging word you’d share to help them get started? 

JH: You want oven-roasted results, not microwavable. Everything worth having in life will take time to achieve. There are no quick fixes. Take it day by day and build the habit of working out. Eventually, it will become a lifestyle.

Joshua’s Future Goals as a Fitness Coach 

Joshua Harris: Founder of The Peak Work

BE: What are some future goals that you have personally and for The Peak Work? How would you like to expand some of your programs? 

JH: Soon, I will begin selling merchandise. I want The Peak Work to be talked about in the same manner that Nike and athletic apparel brands are.

BE: How can those in the community help you in reaching these goals? 

JH: Simply by spreading the word. Let others know how The Peak Work has positively impacted their life.