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This Man Went From Protestor to City Council

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Black Man shaking hands

Last year, Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by Charlotte police as he sat in his car. His family believes he was unarmed and simply reading a book when police fired at him. The police said he had a gun and refused to drop it.  An investigation later found police officer Brentley Vinson was justified in his decision to shoot Lamont Scott.

Braxton Winston was one of the protestors who took to the streets after the shooting. The North Carolina native’s shirtless protest photo, where he stands in front of fully geared police with a raised fist, went viral soon after, and he found himself showing up to more and more protests. He got in contact with community leaders and later decided to run for city council.

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Mr. Winston won his race. He went from protesting in the streets to being in a position to affect change from the inside.

He told CNN, “I think that’s the idea of America. We have to be willing to get out of our comfort zones and stand in the middle and try to find some common ground, however difficult that may be, however painful that may be.”

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