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‘Philando Feeds the Children’ To Continue Castile’s Legacy



Philando Feeds the Childreon

We lost Philando Castile in July 2016 during a traffic stop, but his legacy hasn’t left the heart and minds of the people who were witnesses to his generosity and care. And now, a new fund, “Philando Feeds The Children”, hopes to continue his legacy.

The idea for the fund was initially proposed by Inver Hills Community College professor Pam Fergus, who was greatly affected by Philando’s death.  He was known to pay for lunches for students who couldn’t afford it out of his ow pocket at J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School in St. Paul, Minnesota where he worked as a nutrition services supervisor.The school feeds kids lunches wether they can afford it or not, but whatever is not paid accumulates in a form of debt.

The fund initially aimed to raise just $5,000, but the goal was increased after more than $3500 was raised in just one week. The new goal is $75,000 and $60,713 has been raised as of now. “I thought a $5000 goal was enormous, but people are amazing,” said Pam Fergus, talking to WCCO about her surprise of how much the fund was able to raise quickly.

To contribute to the fund, click here.