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SoulfulofNoise: The Complete Platform For Independent Artists

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soulfulofnoise, soulful noise, platform for independent artists

SoulfulofNoise is a platform that caters to independent artists in every genre. Their intention is to bring people together through music and to allow artists, as well as those who come to their events, an outlet to express themselves. 

BlackExcellence was able to interview the founders of SoulfulofNoise. Get the inside scoop by reading the interview. soulfulofnoise, soulful noise, platform for independent artists

Who are the founders of SoulfulofNoise and what led to its creation?

The founders of SoulfulofNoise are Lynisha & Xavier Henderson.  Lynisha grew up dancing her entire life and was looking for a creative outlet.  This led her to create a music blog which she eventually named SoulfulofNoise. In the months following she combined forces with her then boyfriend, Xavier, and the two decided to add a live component to SoulfulofNoise. 

At the time Xavier was an aspiring Talent Agent and was having issues trying to secure gigs for his friends who were independent artists. There was a catch 22 in the industry, you can’t get shows unless you have fans, but you can’t get fans without doing shows.  So the two decided to organize shows with all independent artists and put on their first show Feb 18, 2017.

What was the process like creating this space for independent artists?

Creating a space for independent artists has been a tremendous blessing for us both.  What started as an outlet for us as a brand new couple has become an extended family of sorts.  With family comes good and bad, but the love is always constant and we appreciate every single person who has shared their energy, their talent, and their time with us.

Does music hold a significant place in your lives? How do you want to use music to speak to others? 

Music is the universal language.  We used to have a bass player on our crew who spoke broken English, but when he hopped on stage it didn’t matter what his native tongue was.  The vibe is universal. The universal God gave us a truly amazing gift in music. It has the power to heal, to uplift, to unify. We want to continue to spread positivity and uplift our community through music as long as God allows us to.

soulfulofnoise, soulful noise, platform for independent artists

You’re bringing people together through music, but it looks like you’re helping others reach goals through entrepreneurial and financial literacy initiatives as well. What does it mean to you to give back? 

We believe in giving people candy with the medicine.  Our people have always been the absolute best at all things creative.  The reality is that our creativity and culture is constantly under attack, is constantly being stolen, is constantly being appropriated. 

Information is the new currency and our ultimate goal is to empower creative entrepreneurs everywhere with the knowledge they need to properly convert their talents into a business that can provide for their families.  There is no higher purpose than service, and we consider that our ultimate goal. 

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When creating something, there’s always going to be challenges. Throughout this process, what’s been the most challenging part of it all and what you learned?

People look at what we created and sometimes forget the fact that behind the scenes we are newlyweds with a brand new family, and a brand new baby.  It’s hard to juggle the responsibilities of shepherding a family and managing a business, especially when it involves so many people. Through our trials we have learned that no matter what, our family comes first.  At the end of the day, what good is changing the world if your home is broken?

What’s been the most rewarding part and in what areas of your lives have you grown in because of it? 

Seeing our son take pride in the company that we have built is the most rewarding thing.  The reality is we built this company in order to show our children that ownership is essential.  We are living proof that there is unlimited power in the union between the black man, the black woman, and God.  We truly feel that together we can accomplish all things and that is a feeling that words can’t quite describe.

What has been one of the coolest moments that SoulfulofNoise has allowed you to experience since its creation? 

We had started back in 2017 and just created our flagship event called Soulful Sundays.  The first one had about 200 rsvps, then the next month it was 500 rsvps, then the third month it was 1000, then all of sudden during the fourth month we were at 6500 rsvps.  When we had the event there were so many people that there was a line all the way to the post office.

One of the singers started singing Rain and the sky opened up and it stormed like crazy.  It was like God was saying, hey I know yall are not prepared for all of these people, so i’m gonna help you out, but just know that this is a preview of what I have in store for you two if you follow my lead.  Ever since then we have focused on creating a loving environment for our people, and providing our attendees with a positive experience. The coolest part is watching how God has blessed our efforts.

What is a word of advice you’d give to independent artists and others who are looking to create a platform?  

GET A TEAM.  Our power is in our tribe.  We work together, we laugh together, we plan together, we grow together.  Stop focusing on being independent. If you are in the jungle and you are by yourself, you won’t survive very long, and even if you do, it won’t be much fun.  When you have your people with you, the exchange of energy is everything. Just remember the story of the Tower of Babel. When humans work together there’s NOTHING that they can’t accomplish.


If there was a word to describe 2019, what would it be? If there is a word that comes to mind for 2020 and what you’re manifesting, what would it be? 

2019 -Tribulation.  2020 – Salvation

It’s a new decade! What are some goals that you have for 2020 or what can others expect to see from SoulfulofNoise? 

We are truly excited about 2020 and have a lot of big things ahead.  We have our 3 year anniversary concert and 100th show, a 3 Day Activation for SXSW, a 15 City Tour, a Festival, and we are in talks to go to Africa! 

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