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We Buy Black Convention 2019 Set to Go!



black sellers and buyers convention

We Buy Black Convention is an innovative concept for black sellers and shoppers to connect. It provides a platform to learn, talk about black history and shape the future. We Buy Black is one of the biggest online marketplace promoting black-owned businesses can own online stores, get noticed and sell globally. It is more than just about selling black but more of a movement centered on promoting black entrepreneurship and economic dignity.


The primary goal of the convention organizers is to ensure a higher percentage of the $1.3 trillion black spending power remains within the black community. Unfortunately, only about 2% of the sum remains within the black community. Other ethnic nationalities thrive in keeping the dollar circulating within their communities for days to weeks. But it only takes as little as six hours to see the dollar leave the black community.


The US Department of Justice records shows blacks have the highest crime rate for 2016. But the We Buy Black convention is a vehicle to help black-owned businesses have a higher market share. This move will help empower more African Americans, build a decent life and reduce crimes for centuries to come. There are loads of black-owned businesses manufacturing similar high-quality goods as those of other minorities; and We Buy Black is where to find them.


What to Expect from We Buy Black Convention

The We Buy Convention holds great promises for Sellers and Buyers this 2019. Key highlights of the event include:


Live Marketplace

we buy black

The event features black business owners and their products and services. Not less than 120 vendors will be available to showcase their products and services at this year’s convention.


Next 400 Gala

we buy black

The Next 400 Gala focuses on remembering 400 years of slavery where Africans were moved into the Americas as slaves. August 25th, 1619 marked the start of slavery in America. The event would include an Award night but only 400 tickets to be issued out.


Business Workshop

we buy black

Top black leading industry experts will be on the ground. They will be discussing issues relating to private labeling, Manufacturing or Global import/ export business.


Black Manufacturers

we buy black

Black-owned business into manufacturing will help educate and motivate aspiring black entrepreneurs. Talks will rally around how black startup businesses can emerge.


B2B Speed Consulting

we buy black

Struggling black business owners can take advantage of the We Buy Black Convention 2019 to enjoy free business consultancy.


Pitch Black Competition

we buy black

Small black-owned businesses and more get a chance to pitch their business ideas before a panel of investors. There would be opportunities to win.


Live Entertainment

we buy black

It’s not going to be all serious talk as various exciting and intriguing performances are built for the day.


Popcorn Competition

Is it true blacks manufacture some of the best popcorn recipes around? The popcorn competition showcases popcorn manufacturers with the guest deciding the winner.


Children’s Corner

we buy black

Black kids are not left out of the fun as favorite children book authors will be on the ground to have a chat with kids. Other exciting kiddies’ activities include; cartoon mascots, face-painting, bouncy castle, a chat with kiddies’ entrepreneurs, etc.


We Buy Black is an event put together by Shareef Abdul-Malik and the We Buy Black team. The event commences 6 p.m., 23rd to 25th of August 2019 at the 2000 Convention Center Concourse, Atlanta, GA, 30337, United States. The event promises to set the precedent for the black community for the next 400 years.


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