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What’s Chamillionaire Net Worth and How He Got There

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Hakeem Seriki, popularly known by the stage name Chamillionaire, was born on November
28th, 1979 in Washington DC. However, his family moved to Houston, Texas when he was just three years old. He went to the New Jersey Village high school, where he fell in love with hip hop.

Interestingly, Chamillionaire is not the only rapper in his family as his younger brother,
Rasaq Seriki is also a rapper. It seems rap music runs in the family.

But Chamillionaire is not just a rapper, he’s also an entrepreneur and an investor. That explains why Chamillionaire net worth is the talk of the town.

Chamillionaire’s Music Career

Hakeem Seriki started his music career in the early 2000s when he impressed the music world with his spell-casting lyrics. As a young rapper, everything about Chamillionaire was exceptional.

And people always looked forward to his catchy hooks and energetic performance.
So, in 2001 he and his childhood friend Paul Wall started the defunct group – “The Color
Changin’ Click”. The following year in 2002, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall released a
collaborative album titled “Get Ya Mind Correct”.

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The album was a hit as it brought him more fame and influence in the music industry. Every
lyric and song in the album was speaking to the heart of the people. Thereafter, he released
a couple of single tracks that helped him carve a niche for himself in the industry.

Unavoidably, “The Color Changin’ Click” group he co-founded with his childhood friend Paul
Wall split in 2005. Chamillionaire was signed to Universal records in 2005 and released his evergreen album “The Sound of Revenge” under the record label.

The album has hit singles like “Turn it Up” featuring Lil’ Flip and the Grammy-winning track
“Ridin” featuring Krayzie Bone.

In 2007, Hakeem also released a hit single titled “Ultimate Victory”. The song was very
popular for not having any form of profanity in it. And it resonates well with different

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Between 2004 and 2009, Chamillionaire became famous for his Mixtape Messiah series, a series which became the longest and most purchased mixtape in history. In 2011, Chamillionaire announced he was exiting Universal records, a decision that was
bad for both him and the record label. Thereafter, he released a few more tracks before he ventured into entrepreneurship and investment.

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Chamillionaire has released 2 studio albums, 40 singles, 2 collaborative albums, 3 EPS, 28 music videos, 97 collaboration, 5 compilation albums, and 20 mixtapes.

Chamillionaire’s Net Worth

Chamillionaire’s net worth is currently estimated to be about $50 million. Although he is an extremely talented musician and rapper, his net worth didn’t come from music alone.
Chamillionaire’s net worth wasn’t built overnight either. His success is a testament to his hard work and consistency both as a rapper and an entrepreneur.

Chamillionaire rose very fast in the music industry and even won himself a Grammy award in 2007. He spent years honing his craft and tolling the music industry before he eventually carved a niche for himself. Today, he is not just a rapper, he’s also an entrepreneur and an investor.

Chamillionaire’s consistency and hunger for success enabled him to work with some of the
most iconic rappers in the industry. He worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Lil
Wayne, etc.

Chamillionaire’s Entrepreneurship Journey

Chamillionaire made a fortune for himself over the years as an entrepreneur.

After establishing himself as a successful rapper, he started his record label in 2004,
Chamillitary Entertainment, an independent record label company that was previously
distributed by Universal.

In 2009, Chamillionaire also co-founded Fly Rydes, a custom car accessories company in
Houston, Texas. Even though Fly Rydes didn’t succeed as a brand, he never relented in his entrepreneurial journey.

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In recent times, Chamillioniare has been investing in tech startups and exploring
opportunities in other tech related areas. In 2015, he joined a Los-Angeles based reputable venture capital firm, Upfront Venture as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR).

His new position in Upfront Venture enables him to identify potential investments and advise
companies in the firm’s portfolio accordingly. Over the years, Chamillionaire made a lot of successful investments including: the ride-sharing giant Lyft and Ring, an innovative smart doorbell company. Amazon acquired Ring for over $1 billion.

In a nutshell, these different investments and his music label contributed to Chamillionaire’s
net worth.

Chamillionaire’s Philanthropy

No matter his net worth, Chamillioniare never forgets his roots. He always gives back to his community. Chamillionaire uses his platform to support, raise awareness and funds for different charitable causes.

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For example, during the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Chamillionaire raised awareness for
disaster relief funds. He’s also passionate about supporting any organization that promotes
empowerment, social justice, and education.

Chamillionaire’s Personal Life

Rumors have it Chamillionaire is married to Deetra Seriki, but only little details about this part of his personal life is in the public eye. We do know he has at least one son.
Chamillionaire made the information about his son public in 2010 after the foreclosure of one of his mansions which he described as a “bad investment”. Thereafter, he revealed that he had a son who was born on the 14th of May, 2010 and he named him “Xavier”.

Ever since then, Chamillionaire hasn’t mention or posted anything about his son online. He tries as much as possible to keep that aspect of his life personal.