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You Can Now Have Samuel L Jackson’s Iconic Voice In Your House

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Samuel L Jackson Portrait

For 99 cents, you can now ask Samuel L Jackson about the weather. That’s if you have Amazon’s echo.

As previously announced, the first celebrity voice to come to Amazon’s Alexa is actor Samuel L Jackson. The cool feature, however, will not replace Alexa completely. For now, you can ask Jackson about the weather, to play music, or simply ask him about himself. Jackson will not be able to “help with shopping, lists, reminders or skills” said Amazon.

And, as expected, you have the option to listen to Jackson’s world famous swearing. Or you can turn that feature off.

samuel l jackson echo, samuel l jackson alexa

To get this feature, simply tell your device: “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L Jackson.”

Google Assistant, on the other hand, added actress Issa Rae and singer John Legend to their Nest devices.