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Plastic Bag Alternatives: How African American Shoppers Can Help Save the Environment

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Plastic bags came into existence as a safer alternative to packing meals. Paper bags or cotton bags eat up so many resources. When Sten Gustaf Thulin introduced the plastic bag in 1959 and patented in 1965, it took shoppers by storm. Now, it has become almost impossible to make those little purchases without this convenient plastic bag. Every day, everywhere, someone somewhere makes use of the plastic bag and dispose of them in a way that hurts the environment. Available estimates show that by 2050, there might be more plastic bags than fishes in the sea.


African Americans account for at least 13% of the United States population. With Black buying power published by Nielson standing at 1.2 trillion dollars, African Americans can have a say. If an active black community joins the fight to preserve the ecosystem, the result could be phenomenal. However, to stem the tide or menace caused by the use of plastic bags. Here are eight alternative bags African American shoppers can use in packaging sandwiches or any meals.


Reusable or Organic Plastic Bag Alternatives

Organic Cotton Grocery Bags

plastic bag for african american shoppers

An organic cotton grocery bag is the perfect replacement for the plastic bag. It comes with multiple sleeves for placing tall bottles to help African American shoppers acquire more. Besides, it is an organic bag; therefore, it is friendly to nature.


Canvas Market Bag

plastic bag for african american shoppers

Several reasons make the canvas market bag attractive alternatives to plastic bags for African American shoppers. First, it is a spacious and fanciful bag; therefore, you can shop more. Next, the Canvas bag is an ecofriendly option with a sturdy base.


Authentic Grab Bag

plastic bag for african american shoppers

Using the Grab bag gives you access to a reusable bag instead of a plastic bag. It means you can save more and enjoy the bag for a more extended period, at least 100 times. It is a portable and easy to carry around bag with a comfortable grab handle and ability to clip to cart.


Organic Cotton Muslin Grocery Bag

plastic bag for african american shoppers

The Muslin cotton produce bag offers African American shoppers a reusable but simple bag. Due to its natural material, the bag is more durable than the plastic bag. You can leave fresh produce in the bag untied for some days. The fruit won’t go bad as it receives air through the fabric, unlike plastic bags.


Zero Waste Bento Bag

plastic bag for african american shoppers

Zero waste bento bag comprises of 100% cotton material as against using plastic bags for your shopping. African American shoppers love their grains, fruits, and vegetables. With the Zero waste bento bag, you can make all these purchases conveniently or store up on the pantry.


Plastic Juco Sandwich Bag

plastic bag for african american shoppers

Plastic Juco Sandwich bag is not a plastic bag, as you might suppose. It is a bag made from 25 percent cotton and 75 percent jute. The Juco bag is a perfect bag for packing sandwiches when out on an outdoor event. The canvas bag is a reusable, eco-friendly bag, making it a healthier choice for an African American shopper.


Bee’s Wrap

plastic bag for african american shoppers

With the Bee’s wrap sheet, you can easily pack up your lunch with no worries associated with the plastic bag. Wrap up your cheese, sandwich, or crusty loaf bread with this fanciful and sturdy Bee’s wrap. It comes in a pack of 3 different sizes, small, medium, and large.


Biodegradable ‘I am not Plastic Bag’

plastic bag for african american shoppers

The ‘I am not Plastic bag’ is a biodegradable bag made in Indonesia by Avani Eco. ‘I Am Not Plastic bag’ comprises of cassava, an edible root crop found in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. But it is so stable you would think it is a plastic bag in your hands. It is a compostable and degradable bag. And the bag is not only consumable but will dissolve in water, resulting in no harm to anyone.


There you go; alternatives to plastic bags for packing your meals or shopping. African American shoppers can do a lot more to save the ecosystem as the holiday season fast approaches.


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