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Skyh Alvester Black: 15 Things to Know

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Skyh Alvester Black is a dancer and actor most famous for his roles in TV series such as All The Queen’s Men (2021), Sistas (2019), and Black Monday 2019. 

Also known simply as Skyh Black, the young African American actor has been making waves recently, starring in several series, and endearing himself to the television audience. 

As is often the case, many of his new fans would like to know more about the talented, young, handsome actor they’ve taken a liking to. If you are one of them, you’re in luck!

1. Skyh Black is from Miami, Florida

Skyh Alvester Black is from Miami Florida. But he’s not from the side of Miami you might see on postcards. Skyh Black has said that he isn’t from the soft side of Miami. Bleumag noted that Skyh Black insisted that the real Miami is not South Beach, but the hood, which is where Skyh Black is from. 

So, the young actor might look nice and fresh, and might be from a city noted for its luxury, but he has had it tough too. 

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2. Skyh Alvester Black is Engaged

Skyh is a taken man!

The actor is engaged to Sistas cast mate KJ Smith. Skyh Alvester Black did not start dating his fiancé, KJ Smith until after they had done the Sistas filming. 

He noted that he did not make a habit of fraternization with anyone he was working with, and he made a big deal of that. 

Skyh also added that KJ Smith taught him to be a leading man as she had way more experience in the industry. They are engaged and have been together since their first date on January 7th, 2021.

3. Skyh Always Wanted to Be A Dancer

For Skyh Black, the desire to be a dancer first came when he was three years old. He confessed that he would watch Michael Jackson and try to replicate Michael’s moves.

 Skyh Black told a story of how he broke his leg in his grandmother’s kitchen while trying to replicate a Michael Jackson spin. 

The doctors expressed doubts about whether his legs would heal enough for it to grow or even allow him to become a dancer, but it did not stop his grandparents from encouraging him to chase his dreams in Tap Dance and Ballet. 

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4. Skyh Alvester Black Danced For Music Icons

Now, after hearing news that his leg might never grow again, and that there is a huge likelihood he would never become a dancer, many people would quit. 

In fact, Skyh’s teacher told him he would never be a ballet dancer, and the desire to prove his teacher wrong fueled his drive and desire for success. 

Skyh Alvester Black, skyh Black, Skyh Black bio, skyh black net worth

Skyh Black was filled with such passion that despite the challenges he faced, he went on to achieve a successful dancing career and even performed alongside some of the industry’s biggest names like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey.

5. Skyh Alvester Black As Ballet with Misty Copeland

After graduating high school, Skyh Black attended the School of Ballet in New York. He would get scholarships and train in the Summer, and then attend the school once he met the age requirement. 

It was here he met Misty Copeland while they were kids at the School of Ballet in New York.

6. Skyh Alvester Black’s Acting Motivation is Debbie Allen

After a successful dance career, Skyh Black made the decision to become an actor. It was tough and he made money by parking cars as a valet during the pandemic until he landed his breakout role as Jacobi in “Sistas”. 

Skyh Alvester Black, skyh Black, Skyh Black bio, skyh black net worth

He also talked about auditioning six times for Tyler Perry before landing the lead role of AMP, an exotic dancer with a secret past on “All The Queen’s Men.” 

Skyh Black has attributed his motivation to Debbie Allen who encouraged him and guided him on his way to becoming a star. 

7. Skyh Alvester Black Became Homeless while Pursuing Acting

You might have heard about how actors sometimes become homeless while trying to get their big breaks. 

Sylvester Stallone for instance, was one such actor before he wrote the Rocky scripts. 

Well, Skyh Black gets on that list too as he went homeless three times as he sorted his acting career. This happened as he made the transition from dancing to acting and had to pay for his acting classes. 

He talked about sometimes getting to sleep in a Motel 6. At the end, his perseverance paid off. 

8. Skyh Alvester Black Wants to be the next Denzel

Denzel Washington is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors alive and probably one of the greatest actors of all time.  It is quite common to see actors and inspiring actors look up to Denzel or even try to be like him. 

Skyh Alvester Black, skyh Black, Skyh Black bio, skyh black net worth

Skyh Black is one of those Denzel Washington fanboys who would love to be the next Denzel Washington. 

9. Skyh Black’s Net worth

Skyh Black’s net worth as of September 2022 was put at about $1 million. This figure considers the average actor salary of about $58,256 in the USA. It also takes all the movies he was featured in from “Stump the Yard” in 2007 till date. 

Skyh Black has been in many movies and series, and it is not hard to see how he could be a millionaire. He also has other streams of income like his social media accounts.

10. Skyh Black’s First Acting Role

Although Skyh gained most of his popularity acting in shows like Sistas (2019) and “All The Queens Men”(2021), his acting journey started well before then. Many people don’t know one of his earliest on-screen appearances took place in 2011 on the set of Footloose. He had a minor role alongside stars like Julianne Hough, Miles Teller, and Dennis Quaid.

Skyh Alvester Black, skyh Black, Skyh Black bio, skyh black net worth

11. What Made Skyh Alvester Black Start Acting Classes?

With Skyh having so much passion in his career as a dancer and musician, one might wonder how he stumbled into the acting field in the first place. Believe it or not, it was Skyh’s music manager that encouraged him to take drama classes. Through those drama classes he came to find that acting became therapy for him. That therapy turned into a love for the craft that blossomed into a career which appears to grow with every project he’s involved in.

12. Skyh Alvester Black Got Business Advice From Beyoncé 

Along his journey, Skyh was able to learn so much about business and being successful from the many stars he was around. Beyoncé, who he worked for early in his career, set the foundation for how to make it in the world of business. In an interview with Distractify, Black said, “If there’s anything I’ve learned from [Beyonce] the most is to know every scope of my craft. Not just the crap here, but also behind the camera and the business aspect.”

Beyoncé taught Skyh that it’s important to know all sides of the business you’re involved in, and that that’s the true way to having control over your success. Not a bad person to take advice from!

13. How Dancing Has Helped Skyh’s Acting Career

Having been a dancer and musician, Black often gets asked if those experiences helped him build his career as an actor. When asked by The Manual, Black said, “When you learn the classicism of any craft, you can easily transfer into other areas of that same discipline.”

He goes on to say that one of his greatest strengths as an actor come from his spatial awareness and control of his body that he learned from ballet. Although being a dancer didn’t work out for him, it’s safe to say that the things he learned during that time helped him to become the successful actor that he is today!

14. Skyh Alvester Black’s Mental Health Journey

Skyh Alvester Blacks rise to fame hasn’t come without some hate. Black has found that maintaining his mental health has been a struggle and is something that takes discipline. The concept of “No Scrolling”, something he actually learned from Beyoncé has been a tremendous help for him.

People online can be known to say negative things, and he feels “no scrolling” on social media has been the best way to stay positive. “It’s paramount to keep your mental health,” Skyh says.”And I’m a very big advocate for mental health, self-love, and self-care. So, the no-scrolling rule is something I’m now having to take into account.”

15. What’s Next for Skyh Alvester Black?

Now that Skyh has been in major productions like Sistas and All The Queens Men among others, he now has his eyes set on producing as well. Black is actually set to star and executive produce a new film called “A Haitian Wedding.”

It is directed by Jamal Hill and written by Dieueveny Jean Louis. The film follows Stephanie Duran, a smart and driven young woman who seems to have the answers to everyone else’s issues, but struggles on finding the answers to the troubles she’s going through in her own life. With Black involved, the movie is sure to be hit and we’re beyond excited for all the projects he’ll be apart of the in the future!